The Exopolitcs World Network Cities Initiative

August 27, 2010  -  Press Release
Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiative

Budapest - Paradigm Researched Group (PRG) today announced the launching of a new project - the Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiative - the goal of which is to help form 1000 exopolitics groups in cities around the world over the next twelve months.   The website is:

The Exopolitics World Network (EWN) is made up of portal web sites, one per country, which provide information about exopolitical developments to that country and build connections between nations as part of a growing international truth movement.

Exopolitics (exopolitical science) is a developing field of study addressing the totality of the historical, social and political implications of extraterrestrial related phenomena.  The most important exopolitical issue at present is the Disclosure Movement, an international effort to bring about formal acknowledgment by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. 

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett stated, "The reason for launching the Initiative in the international city of Budapest is its location at the center of Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Near East.  Draw a line between Madrid and Kiev, Paris and Tehran, London and Ankara, Berlin and Athens, Stockholm and Sarajevo, and Moscow and Rome.  Where these lines intersect is a small triangle and there you find Budapest."

The structure for the Cities Initiative is pure grassroots activism.  Anyone hosting a regular meeting to discuss and engage exopolitical matters can register their group with the EWN.  Simple instructions are found at the EWN web site.

Added Bassett, "the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial engagement of the planet is falling apart.  It is important for people to start talking to each other about this unfolding reality and begin preparing for the post-Disclosure world. "