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Fall Semester
Courses in the Fall Semester

Three courses are on offer:

  1. Exo-101: Introduction to Exopolitics. The Ultimate Guide to Exopolitics. Find out more.
  2. Exo-102: Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials. All you need to know about exodiplomacy. Find out more.
  3. Exo-103: Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony. What do the experts have to say? Find out more.

This is what one of the students had to say about it: "I think this course is one of the best things I have done in my life. The subject matter has been riveting and exciting, sometimes shocking. In a subject that has so many angles and permutations and disinformation, it has been wonderful to be guided to the best available evidence, the most authentic researchers, and the most reliable contactees. It all is backed up with brilliant Internet materials and book guidance. I highly recommend it."

Watch the video below, and click on any of the links above to learn more about each of the courses.