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Case 1986-91.
Location. Imouzzer Kandar, Morocco
Date: summer 1986
Time: afternoon

The 17-year old witness had gone on vacation to this region (a town located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, at 1400 meters altitude and about forty miles from the imperial city of Fez), accompanied by his brother, sister and parents.
They were staying at a small summer cabin equipped with a pool. The young witness had always been fascinated with nature and every day he would sneak away without permission from his parents and explore the surrounding mountains.
There was a mountain not far from the summer center which fascinated him very much; it had a small forest at the base and he had gone there several times but never climbed very high up onto the mountain. 
One day he decided to explore further and climb to the summit to admire the scenery. However mid-way up on a ledge, he discovered a crevasse buried like a cave of which the entrance was inaccessible, given that ropes and other equipment was needed for the descent into it.

He was impressed by the discovery but it was getting late and he had to turn back. The next day he went back again, but this time with the intention of reaching the summit. He followed the same path as the previous day, passing over the plateau where the grotto was located. As he approached, he saw what he at first identified as a group of children that seemed to have come out of nowhere. They were grouped in a circle and appeared to be busy with something on the ground. They seemed cold and silent at the time, but apparently saw the witness coming and dispersed. At first sight, the ‘children’ appeared to be well dressed, or rather ‘too well dressed’. They gave the witness the impression of being about 8 to 10 years of age maximum, since their size was about 1.40m and they were ‘beautiful’ in appearance. They had on 'western style clothes’ (that’s the only comparison the witness could come up with because of their strangeness) which is not the local custom. The stunned witness added that they looked ‘like kids from French school’ because of the similarity of their clothing, which was unheard of in this region. They carried no bags or backpacks, no bottles of water, which is not the habit in the area, given the hot climate and the risks associated with the mountain. These ‘children’ appeared very mysterious, ‘as if from another world’. They were ‘beautiful’ and quiet, too quiet for their ‘age’. They gave the impression of being supernatural and the witness was convinced that they were from ‘another planet’. Yet he saw no craft or machinery to carry them around. Their presence, appearance and the way they acted did not fit with the local environment and local Moroccan customs.
As he observed the group at first he was afraid of them, he knew he was in the middle of nowhere near a cave at least 15 feet or more, deep. He was still far from them but he called out to them asking them a question:
"What are you doing and where do you come from?"
One of the ‘children’ answered in a normal language and in French:
"We are not from faraway"
He did not say anything else and as soon as he uttered these words, the other ‘children’ dispersed around the rocks. He noticed a little girl with them (which again is not customary in Morocco and even more in the mountainous region); the children then seemed to descend into the deep cave. The witness then asked:
"But where are you going, it’s dangerous here, why are you descending into the cave?"
The being who had originally answered the witness' questions said, "We came here to remove these things", he pointed at what appeared to be shiny stones or rocks on the walls of the cave which was almost impossible to access without any equipment or without having the ability to levitate. Then he said:
"Don’t worry about it, let’s play a game, I’ll challenge you and I’m sure I’ll win"
The witness smiled and said, "Go ahead, show me."
The "child" then moved away from the crevasse, grabbed a stone and threw it up in the air. Amazingly the stone flew like a flash, almost impossible to follow it with the eye, it traveled at breakneck speed while emitting a very dull sound. The witness attempted to duplicate the feat and took a pebble from the ground but obviously did not achieve the same result; he tried this two or three more times, without achieving any results. The child or being stood there smiling at the witness and said:
"You will never do what I can..."
The being then asked the witness where he was going and why was he so far away from the summer camp. He told him that he had just wanted to climb to the top of the mountain to see the scenery, stay away and then return to the village. The being then said:
"If you want to you can come with us."
Perplexed the witness just said, "I must continue my way to avoid staying out late."
Still amazed by the scene before him, the witness still did not understand what was going on, but he had to continue his journey. He walked by the location where he had originally seen the beings standing in a circle and noticed what appeared to be ashes and feathers of a bird that seemed to belong to a pigeon. He saw nothing else; he could not explain what they could have been looking for. He continued climbing and a few minutes later, he turned to see where this mysterious group of ‘children’ had gone and was surprised to see that they were now nowhere in sight, he could not explain how they could have descended into the cave in such a short time. He continued and as he did, he felt as if an unseen presence was following him although he could not see anyone around him. When he reached the summit, he was filled with a desire to come down as quickly as possible; that he should not stay there long. He stayed briefly, gathered some plants and began his trek down. As he passed by the mysterious cave he saw nothing - no presence of children. He did not tell anyone about his encounter.
The next day, still disobeying his parent’s wishes he returned to the mountain, this time accompanied by his 14-year old brother. However as they came close to the edge of the cave, his brother was overcome by an unaccountable fear and begged the witness to return immediately. Later he learned from locals that this mountain was supposedly haunted and that there had been other strange occurrences on it.
Upon his return to where he lived in Mohammedia he began suffering from high fever that went on uninterrupted for weeks. As soon he started to get better the fevers returned. The doctors were perplexed, he also had trouble urinating. Then the fevers stopped. Two weeks later he felt sick at school was sent home and urinated blood in the bathroom. He soon got worse, feeling severe pains in his testicles which was unbearable. He remained in bed for about a week, unable to get up or even change position; he was almost paralyzed with pain. His doctors treated him but nothing changed. Later a specialist (a urologist) found inflammation of the pituitary - the origin of which was inexplicable. He remained in a private clinic for ten days under intensive care. He finally recovered at home while avoiding surgery.
There was never any explanation for these ailments which almost claimed a year of his life, but he remained convinced that it was a result of his contact with the unknown ‘children’.
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Source: Gerard Lebat,

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