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Location. Sizabantu South Africa
Date: 1972
Time: night

A woman was lying in her bed one night when she heard a sound of a helicopter overhead and felt like a whirlwind was surrounding her. Somehow she was taken out of the house and soon found herself inside an object where several robot-like beings examined her with numerous types of instruments. She felt no pain during the procedure and the "robots" communicated with her via telepathy. Among other things they told her was that she was not fully developed. Before returning her back to the house the humanoids told her that she could wish for anything she wanted and they would grant her the wish. She told them that she wanted to marry. They thought it was a small wish and told her she should wish for bigger things, but she declined. The instruments were removed from her body and she was brought back home. Later one of the "robots" returned explaining that they had "forgotten" an instrument. He soon dismantled a machine on her leg and left. A large blue spot remained in that area of the leg for several days.
HC addendum
Source: Dr. Kurt Koch