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Location. South Africa, exact location not given
Date: June 1972
Time: late night

The 31-year old witness, a woman named Irrira, got up in the middle of the night to look outside through some large panoramic windows when she noticed two bright orange yellow caplet shaped objects on the ground. They appeared to be about 4 meters in diameter. She soon noticed two men walking towards the house. They wore silvery metallic outfits, with a hood attached. On the hoods there were two radio antennae like protrusions. They looked like normal men. She was somehow glad to see them and embraced one of them. She then woke her husband and all four sat around the bed and engaged in very profound conversations throughout the night. Among the things these men said was that they had been with her for a very long time.
HC addition # 3506
Source: UFO Afrinews # 3