Blue Flower

Case 1972-159.
Location. Roosboom South Africa
Date: August 21 1972
Time: 04:30 a.m.

Mrs Doris Muthwa and her 12-year old daughter were drawing water from a river when she looked up and saw what at first seemed to be a man in a white suit. "I thought he was smoking a cigarette, but then the smoke became like a big fire. There was a bright light shining from his chest which went pink and blue." She estimated that the figure was more than 11 feet tall. "He must have been emitting some kind of electricity, because she said it was just like when she touches the iron and her body goes all jerky." Then the giant apparition shot into the sky and disappeared. The woman and her daughter ran from the spot, spilling the water.
Humcat 1972-21
Source: P. J. Human FSR Vol. 18 # 6
Type: E