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Location. Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Date: spring 1979
Time: late night

The witness, a young girl at the time, found herself in a sort of dream-like state inside a strange room and a being standing in front of her. The being had a large head which occupied practically the center of her field of vision and the being was staring at her. She did not pay much attention to the face, but it seemed to have large round eyes. Her attention was draw to the curious fact that the being’s body (at least the part of the body that she saw) including its face with fine wavy lines or “scratches” (about 2,5mm) was pale yellow in color. It seemed to her that there were others behind at the far end of the room because she perceived movement, but she could not see any details because most of her field of vision was blocked by the one being. She has no further memory of this event. Soon after this event she awoke in the middle of the night;  the house was very quiet and she noticed lights coming through the curtain in the room. The lights were of various colours, mostly red. These lights whirled in the room. She was about 2-meters from the window. The lights were small but quite visible in the darkness of the room. Intrigued she rose to draw the curtains and to see the origin of the lights but there was nothing outside. For years after the incident the witness heard a sound inside her head resembling the rattling of metal.
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Source: GREPI Site, Switzerland