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Location. Near East Driefontein Mines, South Africa
Date: 1953
Time: afternoon

The young witness remembered seeing an object land on the farm. The object was metallic and was shaped like two shells stuck together. It was about 10 meters in diameter and was standing on three metallic legs. A human-like figure stepped out of the object and approached the witness, apparently communicating with him, telling him that he was going to be taken for a ride in the object. The man was described as thin, with long black hair, fairly dark skinned, had a young face, white teeth, and dark angular eyebrows. He accompanied the witness to the house to get a basket of food and on the way there one of the dogs apparently attacked and bit the strange visitor. According to the witness the man then made a strange “crowing” noise resembling that of roosters. He made that noise continuously after the bite. Inside the object he saw small windows all around; little lights around the window frames. It had light brown upholstery on what looked like motor car seats. The object took off silently. Apparently the witness does not recall what happened next. He later found himself in his bed.
HC addition # 3505
Source: UFO Afrinews # 3                                                                       
Type: G Entity seen coming out of UFO and direct communication with witness.
High Strangeness Index: “9”
ROS: “10”
Comments: Possible unexplored abduction. The human like alien resembled those seen by Zimbabwe schoolchildren in 1994. The bizarre ‘crowing’ noise feature is indeed unique in the annals of Ufology, I think?