Blue Flower

Location. Loxton South Africa
Date: July 31 1975                  
Time: 07:50 a.m.

Danie Van Graan walked across his land and came upon what he first thought was a “caravan", but as he came closer he could see that it was an oval shaped object with rounded windows. Inside he could see four humanoid beings, 5 ft tall, with very long faces, high foreheads and fair hair. They all wore cream-colored overalls with hoods, which did not cover their heads at the time. One of the men was holding an instrument of some kind; another was near an instrument panel with little triangular lights. The witness heard a pulsating humming sound. As he approached, a flap near one of the windows opened with a bang and a beam of light shone in his face, causing his nose to bleed. After 10 minutes the humming sound became louder and the craft took off. The landing marks found at the scene were four equidistant and one in the center in which the witness found a green putty-like substance which was analyzed by the South African Geological Survey Department. At the landing site nothing would subsequently grow. The witness also found footprints. The witness has suffered from double vision ever since the incident.
Humcat 1975-24
Source: Joe Brill & Cynthia Hind