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Location. Near De Aar, Cape Province, South Africa
Date: November 1975                          
Time: night

A company manager only known by the name of “Franco” was driving on an isolated bitumen road when he hears a vibrating noise and becomes sleepy. He stops at the side of the road and immediately falls into a kind of trance. In a restless dream-like state he finds himself lying on a table surrounded by white glowing lights. The bright lights prevent him from seeing any details about several beings which are gathered around him. They probe his right hand that feels warm. He feels no fear. Later he awakes in his car and drives to a nearby hotel. Arriving at the hotel he finds six red “burn” marks on his side, all separated by a faint line. The marks disappear after four weeks.
HC addendum
Source: Cynthia Hind UFO Afrinews # 6, July 1992                                   
Type: G
Comments: The witness is possibly a repeat abductee having had experiences at the age of 5 and 6.