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Location. Pietersburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Date: December 2004                                               
Time: morning

The main witness, 19-year old Pia, was on holiday with her best friend Courtenay and her family at the game reserve. Game driving was first on the list of things to do. One morning, Pia, Courtenay and Courtenay’s parents drove off into the reserve in the kombi. They had been driving for some time without seeing any game except for zebra, giraffe, etc. Pia was sitting on the right hand side of the Kombi, casually looking out of the window, when she saw something that she had never seen before -something she believed to have been a mere myth; something extraordinary.
Fluttering into the bush, was a little being - her skin was as pale as the moon and her hair black as the night. She was dressed in a tattered lilac dress and her wings were not like the wings of a butterfly. Instead, she had multiple wings that resembled those of a dragonfly. She did not speak a word of it until sometime later in the day. Not surprisingly, Courtenay did not believe her.
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