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Location. Durban, South Africa
Date: September 8 1966
Time: 0 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

While at work, Fred White (involved in a previous encounter) suddenly became ill and was sent to see a specialist. X-ray images showed that his left lung had collapsed and had a large hole. He was immediately hospitalized and registered as unable to work. While in his room during visitors’ hours a stranger walked into the room, grabbed a chair and sat next to his bed. The stranger asked, “Are you Fred White?” Fred replied “yes” and the stranger nodded in acknowledgement. At first Fred thought that the man was a doctor who had seen him during the night while he slept and now had come to examine him, but he did nothing. Instead he handed Fred his hand and held Fred’s hand tightly. As he did, Fred noticed that the man wore a very unusual shiny wristwatch. The man spoke with a slight foreign accent. He was of medium height with light hair that was brushed straight back without parting. His skin shone of health and youth, but his age was indeterminable. His blue eyes seemed to bore deep into the soul of Fred.

“Tell me what happened Fred,” he said suddenly, and then Fred told him about the suffocating feeling and the sharp pain in the chest he had felt when he was at work the day before. The man replied that there was no reason for anxiety and that he was pleased to see improvement in Fred. “Tell me about your work” continued the visitor. Fred understood immediately that he was alluding to his interest in radio and signals that he had received one evening and no one else knew about, but it appeared that the stranger knew about it, for he smiled and nodded, as Fred told him about it. Fred admitted that he was worried about the future and did not know what lay ahead. ‘Do not speculate on it,” said the stranger “you will get a visit from someone who will help you. Be ready for major changes and there will be contact.” The visitor had been there for at least half an hour and Fred noticed that he seemed uncomfortable in his suit and that he seemed a bit tense. He then said that it was his time to go. When he stood up, Fred asked him who had told him about his illness. The stranger replied, “I just knew it!” So Fred asked him his name and he replied that his name did not mean anything. With a smile he said goodbye and walked out of the room. Shortly after the stranger left, Fred’s pain began to slowly decrease and the whizzing sound coming from his lungs ceased. The doctor examined Fred that afternoon and was very surprised at the sudden improvement, since Fred had not yet started treatment and medicines. The doctor suggested new X-rays for Monday the 12th. These revealed that the lung was again working properly and that the hole had somehow healed completely without scarring. The doctor admitted that he had never experienced anything like that before and gave permission for Fred to leave the hospital the next day.
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Source: Philip J. Human, South Africa
Type: E
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