Blue Flower

Location. Middelburg South Africa
Date: November 17 1972
Time: 2000

Gert Pretorius and his wife, out for a drive, saw a brilliant round lit object over Ouberg. It descended and hovered several feet above the ground about 1500 feet away. From it alighted two little men about a meter tall, of a luminous red color. They wore something like rucksacks on their backs and each appeared to be carrying a flashlight in his hand. The “ball” lit up the area on the mountain as bright as day. After several minutes the light went out and the object reappeared in the sky. Koos Coetzee also saw the UFO, but did not see the occupants; it appeared to him like legs on which the object rested.
Humcat 1972-34
Source: Apro Bulletin Vol. 11 # 4
Type: B