Location. Between Coligny & Brakspruit, Transvaal, South Africa
Date: March 30 1995
Time: 08:30 a.m.

Local farmer Jan Pienaar, 45, was rounding a curve on a road when he saw a black man shielding his face with his arms as though he wanted to ward off something. At that exact moment the engine of his brand new, small truck stopped. He looked up and saw an incredible sight. Roughly 80 meters on the road in front of him stood a huge craft that rested on three landing pods. It extended over the entire width of the road and was about 8-9 meters high. The entire unit was translucent and lustrous as though it had been fabricated from a type of stainless steel. It had the form of two inverted soup plates with a pudding bowl on top. It appeared as though this upper level had seven windows or portholes. A red-violet-green-yellow glow emanated from somewhere and illuminated the hull. In the sheen of the light he was able to recognize that the flying craft had problems because there was a dent with a hole of a little less than 2 feet on the seam around the edge. He could not see any beings in the vicinity, only the strange craft which buzzed like a gigantic electric beater. He got out of his small truck but suddenly he could not take another step. It was as though a magnet held him on the spot. He stood like that for three to four minutes when the craft suddenly rose into the air. First it lifted up like a helicopter high into the sky, and then it sped off like lighting on a course toward the sky. It took some time before Pienaar regained his senses and when he got into his truck and turned the ignition, the engine immediately started up again. He called police from a nearby farm and was told that the craft had apparently been seen the previous night in various locations. The ground at the landing site was scorching hot to the touch and could have easily burned a person’s hand. There was a strange lingering odor in the air, almost like chloroform. The old black man that the witness had initially seen had disappeared and could not be found anywhere.
HC addendum
Source: Die Burger Newspaper (Cape Town, South Africa) March 30 1995 
Comments: Maybe it was almost a crash and then retrieval? I have to ask what caused the damage to the craft’s hull.