Blue Flower

Location. Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: summer 1990
Time: late night

The 6-year old witness suddenly woke up for no apparent reason. Immediately he felt a very odd presence and decided to stick his head out from under the duvet. Terrified, he felt his heart jumping and beating wildly. As he looked around he saw a black figure in a long coat with a very large brimmed hat. Its cloak was flowing as if wind was blowing against it but the windows were closed. The figure was standing at the edge of the left hand corner of the bed, seemingly staring at the witness, even though the figure did not seem to have a face. The witness jumped out of bed from the right side and ran to the door.  He felt as if the figure was chasing him but when he looked back running down the corridor, the figure had vanished.
HC addendum