Location. Middelburg South Africa
Date: June 16 1977
Time: 05:15 a.m.

Mr. At Gouws was driving a newspaper delivery van on the National Road between Noupoort and Middelburg. At the Wolwekup quarry he saw a dull glow which he first thought was the moon, but suddenly a glowing object confronted him, enveloping the van in light. The engine failed and the lights went out. The UFO hovered in front, next to and above the van, and Gouws could not recall what happened at this point. “I felt that something happened, but cannot think what;"  “I really had a terribly fright.” What seemed like moments later the UFO left, making a buzzing noise and the van’s engine and lights came back on of their own accord. Then the engine failed again, but started easily and ran normally thereafter.
HC addendum
Source: Mufon UFO Journal # 118, September 1977
Type: G?
Comments: Circumstances suggest a possible unexplored abduction event.