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  1. On Saturday morning January 13, residents of the Hawaiian Islands received an emergency alert that warned of an incoming ballistic missile and instructed everyone to take cover. Residents near Honolulu, the expected ground zero of any nuclear attack, fled for their lives to more remote areas of Oahu expecting the worst. This is what appeared […]
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  2. by Jamie Brassington January 3, 2018 ( • On March 31, 1993 at 1:15 am, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) police patrol reported a large triangular craft over the Midlands airbase (in western England) estimated as being 200 metres in diameter and flying at about 200 feet without showing up on radar. It was one […]
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  3. by Jon Rappoport          January 4, 2018             ( • On November 5, 1957, the AP reported from New Orleans, “The Coast Guard cutter Sebago sighted an unidentified flying object over the Gulf of Mexico at 5:21 a.m. today. The object, seen for about three seconds, resembled a […]
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  4. by Alan Chartock          January 4, 2018            ( • In this short commentary, Alan Chartock, a professor at the State University of New York writes: “Of course there are other forms of life out there besides us. Are you kidding? “And if they are out there, why […]
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  5. by Nick Redfern               January 3, 2018                   ( • On January 7, 2007 in the skies above Stephenville, Texas (pop. 17,000, about 75 miles SW of Ft Worth), several dozen eye witnesses including a pilot, a county constable and business owners, saw […]
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  6. by Keith Roysdon              January 1, 2018            ( • In October, 1973, The Muncie Star, in Muncie, Indiana ran a UPI story about three UFOs over Tennessee reported by twenty witnesses including a county sheriff. In Chester County, Tennessee, two UFO’s reportedly buzzed two young […]
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  7. by Duke Brickhouse, Part 5.3 in the Channeling Series         Click here for Part 5.1, Part 5.2 Part 5.3: Hanging On By A Thread In this third and final installment of the true Seth Rich story, as disclosed by Karl Mollison’s channeling of Spirit Seth in a June 9, 2017 interview by Denny […]
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  8. On January 12th, a photo was taken of a flying saucer craft with a large rectangular shaped porthole window apparently showing two occupants. According to the photographer, who uses the pseudonym JP to maintain anonymity, the occupants are two Nordic “human looking” extraterrestrials who were telepathically communicating with him. JP says that he received a […]
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  9. by Michael Auerbach          December 31, 2017             ( • One would think that with the recent revelations of the first known interstellar object to pass through our solar system, the “asteroid” Oumuamua, a long, narrow object that appears to be coated with organic material;  a Pentagon program […]
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  10. by Carol Mann                January 4, 2018               ( • This commentary by Carol Mann is an invitation to begin adjusting ourselves to the far-reaching changes to everything we thought we knew and believed, which a confirmed E.T. presence will bring. The ability to […]
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