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  1. The May 22 episode of Cosmic Disclosure featured a bombshell interview of two insiders, Emery Smith and Corey Goode, who discussed their direct knowledge of classified underground bases and the super advanced technologies used there. They revealed the security protocols, policy oversight, and travel and cloaking technologies secretly used at the bases. Goode is best […]
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  2. by Lauren Tousignant                  May 10, 2018                ( • On May 7th, NASA’s $100M ‘Breakthrough Listen’ project announced that an enhancement to its CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia will allow it to scan millions of stars across […]
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  3. Vermont Consciousness and Contact will be Continued in October. You are invited! Before the memory of our recent Vermont Consciousness and Contact fades, I want to share with you my highlights, because, you are invited to the next gathering scheduled for October. Driving from Boston’s Logan Airport north into Vermont, I felt my body shift […]
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  4. by Mike Ferguson             May 10, 2018                  ( • Joan Bird, the author of Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials, tells of a couple of the more famous cases of Montana citizens seeing a UFO. • In 1950, Nick Mariana and his secretary watched two […]
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  5. by Arjun Walia              May 10, 2018               ( • “There is essentially a civil war involving parts of senior management and upper parts of our government that is occurring in the United States. It’s between the ‘Dark’ side and the ‘Constitutional’ side. There has […]
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  6. by Stacia Briggs and Siofra Connor             May 5, 2018                 ( • In 1954 a series of UFOs were seen in the skies above Norfolk, England. Then they vanished. • On March 1, 1954 at 6:15 pm, Norwich residents Mr and Mrs Goreham spotted […]
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  7. by Arjun Walia               May 5, 2018               ( • If you told somebody ten years ago that there existed some sort of secret group or “secret government” pulling the strings behind the scenes of government policy, international law, various global rules/regulations, and more, they […]
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  8. by Sequoyah Kennedy                May 9, 2018                 ( • After analyzing a lunar meteor that fell in the African desert 13 years ago, scientists discovered that the meteor contained large amounts of moganite, a mineral which is only formed in the presence […]
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  9. by Damien Gayle            May 6, 2018            ( • In 1997, Britain’s DI55 “Defence Intelligence” embarked on a campaign to absolve the Ministry of Defence of responsibility for investigating UFO sightings. A report obtained through a Freedom of Information request by David Clarke, a research fellow […]
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  10. by Paul Harper          May 7, 2018          ( ) • YouTube channel UFOmania has posted a video that claims senior Navy and other top American military personnel are secretly meeting with extraterrestrial beings including the ‘Greys’ from the Zeta Reticuli star system. These extraterrestrials are known as “the […]
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