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  1. Types of Contacts First we have to assess how many types of contacts with intelligent non-human beings there might be. Since there might be other intelligent beings that we could consider as “human,” by “non-human” I mean non-homo sapiens as the intelligent species predominant on the Earth’s surface. “Classical contacts” (with human-like beings), voluntary conscious […]
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  2. By Giorgio Piacenza UFO research must be turned into a more interactive – experimental activity. Let’s not only continue with a reaffirmation of old paradigms and techniques used. And this does not mean by any means abandoning objectivity and rationality. Working with some “contactees” could be very useful to obtain evidence, although most scientific-minded analysts […]
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  3. I have recently had meetings with a highly placed contact. I met him in the FEMA Mass Casualties response course when I was still in the Texas State Guard. He stopped talking to me when I began Cosmic Disclosure. He suddenly contacted me again right after the elections had concluded. He shared a cluster of […]
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  4. Panel Discussion featuring Andy Basiago, Dr. Michael Salla, William Tompkins, Corey Goode and Richard Dolan on the final day of the MUFON 2017 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 23, 2017. Debate ranged over a number of issues concerning eyewitness testimony, standards of evidence, investigating secret space programs, and multiple space programs.
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  5. Press Release – Article by Ed Komarek Operation Right To Know (ORTK) is an activist grassroots UFO/ET disclosure organization dedicated to political solutions as a remedy for a very serious human evolutionary political problem the UFO/ET cover-up or Truth Embargo.  ORTK was very active in the 1990’s and got widespread mass media attention during its […]
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  6. Join Alan Steinfeld, Marilyn Gewache, David Louis, and Rebecca Hardcastle Wright for Consciousness and Contact Weekend in Vermont  CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT  –  VERMONT  SEPTEMBER 15th THROUGH 18th, 2017 The Vershire Riding School in Vershire, Vermont will share their stunning property during Fall Foliage Season with an intimate group of soul-seekers the weekend of Friday, September 15th through Monday, […]
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  7. Updates of the situation regarding the alleged humanoid Nazca mummies found in Nazca will be continuously provided for a few days… Update: July 12 First of all, a Summary of Findings by the team of scientists working with Gaia TV, Jaime Maussan, and Inkari Institute. Translated with Google Translator from Mr. Jaime Maussan’s Facebook page: “We present […]
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  8. Cybercrime appears to be so common an occurrence that we dismiss it as the work of petty hackers in computer labs and cafes all across the world. Certainly, we should be concerned about our data, but when extraterrestrials and other threats are out there, identity theft and having to get a new credit card shipped […]
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  9. by Duke Brickhouse                                                                                           Part Four in the Channeling Series (Part […]
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  10. Dr. Monica Borine’s Exopsychology of Anomalous Experience Dr. Monica Borine, a Clinical Psychologist from Brazil, will speak on Exopsychology, Friday evening 7:00 pm, July 14, 2017,  at Mind Body Medicine Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, sponsored by the Institute for Exoconsciousness. Dr. Borine will present research from her recent postdoctoral degree (in progress) at the University of […]
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