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  1. by Euan McKirdy                    November 13, 2018                      ( • On Friday, November 9th, at least four pilots in at least three separate planes flying over western Ireland sighted one or more “very bright” UFOs in the early […]
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  2. by Rob Waugh                   October 31, 2018                     ( • Spyros Melaris, the former magician who concocted the 1995 “documentary film”, ‘Alien Autopsy’, has come clean about how he did it. The film, claiming to show a pot-bellied alien body […]
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  3. by Cole Miller                  October 30, 2018                  ( • Tom Bowden is the Oregon director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. “I started looking into this subject matter in 1974, 1975,” Bowden said. “What we do is we investigate the […]
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  4. by Keleigh Nealon, Sophie Trouw and Tara Fowler            October 27, 2018          (     • In Wareham, Massachusetts, in the southeastern part of the state near Cape Cod, twin sisters Debbie and Audrey Hewins have created ‘Starborn Support’, a support group for extraterrestrial ‘experiencers’ and abductees. Members […]
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  5. October 26 2018                   ( • On October 26, 1954, a football match (e.g.: American soccer) between the Florence Italy and the Pistoia Italy football clubs was in progress in the Florence sports stadium (pictured above) with 10,000 fans in attendance. At about 2:20 pm, just after half-time […]
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  6. by Nirmal Narayanan                  October 28, 2018                     ( • On October 25, 2018, a Vladivostok, Russia resident, Dmitry Dissar, video-recorded a cluster of UFOs flying over the city in broad daylight. (see 2:28 minute video below) • UFO enthusiasts […]
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  7. by Stephanie Mlot                      October 23. 2018                   ( • New research conducted by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and published in the journal Nature Geoscience cites two recent Red Planet discoveries: heavily oxidized rocks and briny water, […]
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  8. by Tony Davis                   October 24, 2018                     ( • On September 30, 2018, around 11 p.m., Jim Bruce was on his deck in the town of Sturgeon in Prince Edward Island, Canada, just north of Nova Scotia, when he […]
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  9. by Mark Morris                    October 23, 2018                  ( • The YouTube channel ‘UFO Meldpunt Nederland’ posted a video of at least ten small, black UFO’s escorting a much larger UFO craft over the Hague in the Netherlands on August […]
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  10. by Nicole Saraniero                October 23, 2018                   ( • On July 13, 1977, New York City experienced day one of a two-day city-wide black-out. Many neighborhoods saw a surge in crime and flaws in the city’s infrastructure and emergency preparedness were […]
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