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  1. Article by Jeff Foust                                   July 23, 2020                                 ( • On July 23rd, the White House released a new National Space Council report entitled, “A […]
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  2. Jul 23, 2020                                ( • It is becoming “obvious that an extraterrestrial civilization is preparing our humanity for an official contact through an ever-increasing number of UFO sightings, military reports describing encounters with UFOs, and very complex crop circles all […]
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  3. Come on, let’s try to think about these issues with greater granularity…or detail about the threat issue because we (all of us) tend to oversimplify and choose sides. I recently saw a video in which the anti threat + consciousness accepting position was stressed in excess, forgetting about the few negative interaction accounts in Ufology. […]
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  4. Classified briefings given to staffers and officials from the U.S. Congress and Pentagon by Dr. Eric Davis on UFO/UAP reports have taken on great significance due to a July 23 New York Times story breaking the news that they were being briefed about "off-world vehicles not made on this earth". In part one of this series, I discussed a 2019 interview with Dr. Davis, where he shared his knowledge of Special Access Programs, including a UFO crash retrieval project as providing the best insight into what he revealed in his classified briefings.
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  5. July 22, 2020                                  ( • There are hundreds of ‘lost planets’ in distant solar systems. The usual method of tracking an exoplanet is to train the telescope on the star and then wait for a dip in brightness to […]
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  6. Article by Christina Stock and Donald Burleson                                July 20, 2020                                ( • When one submits a Freedom of Information Act request for information pertaining to […]
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  7. Article by Oriana Pawlyk                                 July 21, 2020                                 ( • A House of Representatives amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, as proposed by Rep. […]
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  8. Article by Alejandro Rojas                                 July 20, 2020                                ( • The United States Air Force claims that it stopped investigating UFOs in 1969 with the closing […]
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  9. Article by Tom Fish                                    July 20, 2020                                ( • In 1962, President John F Kennedy called for a mission to the Moon, calling […]
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  10. On July 23, the New York Times released an article describing classified UFO briefings delivered to the US Congress and the Pentagon by Dr. Eric Davis, a prominent astrophysicist, researching "out of the box" scientific phenomena since 1996. The authors of the New York Times story, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, provided few details of the briefings other than Davis' sensational claim that UFOs (aka UAPs) involved "off-world vehicles not made on this earth".
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