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  1. by Cheryl Costa               September 14, 2018                  ( • Publishing numbers of UFO sightings scares the hell out of the skeptics. They reassure themselves with the notion that UFO reports are largely misidentifications and the product of kooks and crackpots. They are […]
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  2. by Jeff Foust                  September 13, 2018                    ( • On September 12th, Luxembourg formally announced the creation of a national space agency, to expand its role in the global space economy. Deputy prime minister Étienne Schneider named Marc Serres, […]
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  3. by Paul Harper                September 15, 2018                 ( • The U.S. Armed Services Committee has been investigating the public funding of the Pentagon UFO project, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which investigated flying saucer reports from 2008 to 2012, according to […]
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  4. by Keith Kloor                    September 20, 2018                       ( • On July 29th, Luis Elizondo, the former career military intelligence official in charge of the Pentagon’s UFO research program from 2007 to 2012 and current member of rock […]
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  5. by Natasha Frost                  September 13, 2018                  ( • In May 1951, one year into the Korean War, PFC Francis P. Wall and his regiment found themselves stationed near Chorwon, about 60 miles north of Seoul. Suddenly, as they were […]
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  6. On September 19, Q Anon dropped two bombshell two posts affirming the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. The two posts open a big door for the millions who have been following the Q information, to learn about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life, and how these have been hidden from the general public.
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  7. by Sandra Erwin                     September 13, 2018                   ( • A September 10th memo issued by Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan entitled “Space Reorganization and Management Tasks” outlines a detailed plan of action to be taken to establish Space Force […]
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  8. September 12, 2018             (   • ‘Oumuamua’, the first interstellar object discovered in the Solar System, is moving away from the Sun faster than expected. Oumuamua is still slowing down because of the pull of the Sun — just not as fast as predicted by celestial mechanics. Oumuamua has been […]
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  9. September 14, 2018                       ( • A video clip released by the YouTube channel ‘Section 51’ shows a grey metallic triangle-shaped craft parked on a US Navy aircraft carrier. (see first video below) • Many viewers were certain that the video revealed the fabled TR-3B anti-gravity […]
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  10. by Bob Allen           September 13, 2018           ( • As of September 1st, there have been 3,823 confirmed exoplanets discovered in our galaxy, and rocky temperate worlds are plentiful. With the likelihood of extraterrestrial beings inhabiting our galactic neighborhood, Earthlings go about their daily lives in detached complacence. […]
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