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  1. By Arjun Walia September 18, 207 ( • The Global Elite will stop at nothing to impose their vision of a New World Order. • Russian President Putin said “the oligarchic ‘one percent’ that dominates our world have given over entirely to greed. • One of the Global Elite’s tactics is to create justification for […]
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  2. By Kaalee Brown September 17, 2017 ( • The CIA’s investment capital firm In-Q-Tel funds the start-up for innovative tech companies. • In-Q-Tel is funded through the government’s secret $50B+ “black budget” slush fund. • Are we relieved or worried that the CIA has all of this advanced technology spyware? The CIA has its own […]
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  3. By Arjun Walia September 14, 2017 ( • Astronomers have discovered an “intergalactic bridge” that links the Milky Way galaxy with our nearest neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud. • The “Pan-Magellanic Bridge” is described as a magnetic strand of gas stretching 75,000 light years connecting the two galaxies. • “Not only are entire galaxies magnetic, […]
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  4. This is a video featuring six photographs taken of a triangle UFO accompanied by a military helicopter near MacDill Air Force Base on September 7, 2017. The next day, MacDill was evacuated due to Hurricane Irma. For related article and analysis, click here.
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  5. By Brett Tingley September 12, 2017 ( • A newly declassified memo reveals that a CIA informant reported that Hitler was alive in 1955. • Rumors of Hitler’s survival and relocation to South America after WWII have been widespread and persistent. • Ignoring the report, the mainstream media deems the CIA memo disinformation concocted by […]
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  6. Only three days after MacDill Air Force Base reopened from a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Irma, UFOs were once again photographed near it. This time, the UFO’s were cigar-shaped, and at least 100 meters in size according to the photographer, JP (a pseudonym), who I have known for nine years and is a very […]
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  7. By Ivan ( • Explorers have found new stones with etchings depicting spaceships and Grey aliens in a Mexican cave. • They have been dubbed “stones of the first encounter”. • The Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History will not weigh in on the find because its obvious implication contradicts mainstream archeology. A group […]
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  8. Into the early morning hours of September 11, Hurricane Irma lashed the Tampa Bay REGION of Florida for nearly four hours with its destructive force. Not only has Irma caused millions of civilians to flee Southern Florida, but has also led to the mandatory evacuation of military personnel from Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base, home […]
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  9. By Liu Kun September 13, 2017 ( • Chinese scientists have developed a prototype electromagnetic thruster, or “EmDrive”, as an alternative propulsion system to a fuel-based propellant. • The EmDrive propulsion system could allow travel to Mars in weeks. • British scientist Roger Shawyer first proposed the EmDrive concept in 1999. • The Chinese began […]
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  10. By Ivan ( • A cave system warm enough to harbor life has been discovered underneath the ice of Antarctica. • DNA evidence of lifeforms living in the caves may be that of unknown species. • Light filters deep into the cave system where the overhead ice is thin. • It is said that in […]
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