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  1. OCTOBER 20, 2019. A university in Peru has taken custody of some of the three-finger Palpa-Nazca “mummies” and promises to not only eventually exhibite them to the public but to promote their RESEARCH, open to adequate, honest and accredited national and international scientists. This University is the “Universidad Nacional San Luis Gonzaga”  (also colloquially known […]
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  2. EXONEWS UPDATE Article by Katy Gill                     October 20, 2019                      ( • William Guy was travelling on a ferry across the Pamlico Sound on the Outer Banks of North Carolina when he spotted a “fleet” of fourteen […]
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  3. October 9, 2019                   ( • Swiss scientists Michel Mayor (pictured above) and Didier Queloz were recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their research refining techniques to detect exoplanets. When asked about the possibility of humans moving to other planets, Mayor told Agence France-Presse Madrid, “If […]
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  4. Article by Anna Savva                  October 9, 2019                     ( • International security experts Elsa Kania and Wilson VornDick say that China is developing biological weaponry, including bionic robotics, intelligentised exoskeletons and gene-edited soldiers as part of its long-term military […]
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  5. Article by Amie Gordon                     October 16, 2019                      ( • The actor Michael Sheen (pictured above) claims that his home town of Port Talbot in Wales UK, population 37,000, is a ‘hub’ for extraterrestrial life. Sheen is […]
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  6. Listen to “E131 New Coin Featuring Shag Harbour UFO Incident Sells Out in Two Days” on Spreaker. Article by Kathy Johnson                 October 9, 2019                  ( • A $20 silver coin commemorating the infamous October 4, 1967 Shag Harbour USO incident […]
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  7. Article by Joseph Trevithick             October 17, 2019             ( • In a press release on October 17th, Tom Delonge’s ‘To the Stars Academy’ (or “TTSA”) announced a cooperative research deal with the US Army. They plan to combine their resources in researching metamaterials and other high […]
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  8. Article by Cherry Bomb                      October 14, 2019                      ( • In April 1978, rock singer Ronnie James Dio (pictured above, died 2010) had just moved to New Canaan, Connecticut with his wife Wendy. The guitarist in […]
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  9. Article by Kyle Mizokami                      October 9, 2019                        ( • Recent public appearances by former U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor, the pilot who first encountered the “Tic Tac” UFO off of the coast of San […]
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  10. Listen to “E130 The Navy Has Admitted That UFOs Exist – Will USOs Be Next?” on Spreaker. Article by Alex Hollings                       October 9, 2019                     ( • In September, the US Navy confirmed that while the Navy […]
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