Some Hypotheses on Alien Abductions

I've been involved in alien abduction research since 1994. Over the years I've gained some insights which I think help explain the dynamics in the phenomenon. Below I'll first give the nutshell version of eight of my current ‘working hypotheses' with regard to Alien Abductions. Then, I'll elaborate shortly on each of the items.

  1. Existence of a treaty – The US Government has had contact with extraterrestrial civilisations, and this resulted in a treaty with a consortium of aliens.
  2. Content of the treaty – Part of the treaty was a deal in which technology was exchanged for the right to abduct, on the condition that the people were not harmed, and returned without any memory of the event. Lists of people who had been abducted had to be handed over. Other aspects involve the permission to have bases on US soil, as well as an exchange programme.
  3. US Military involvement – Somewhere along the line, it became clear that things went wrong, which resulted in a change in MO, where the USG would be more actively involved in the abductions, in order to make sure that they had some control or at least a clearer view on what was going on. The result of this is that many abductees remember seeing military personnel working together with aliens.
  4. RE-ABS – Apart from this, but for the same reason, i.e. to get a clearer picture of what is going on, the Military abducts abductees and questions them. (MILABS, type 1 – also labelled ‘RE-ABS').
  5. Intruders – They found out that apart from the aliens with whom a treaty was made, other aliens had started engaging in abductions, too, outside of the control of the USG.
  6. PARAMILABS – Another (paramilitary) group of humans engages in abductions of abductees. They dress up in black or brown uniforms that are not standard type military uniforms. Their origin and goals are unknown, but I speculate they have ties with a group within the MIC. (MILABS, type 2 - PARAMILABS).
  7. PLFs – Related to item 6, Steven Greer mentions abductions carried out by ‘Programmed Life Forms.' (PLF abductions). These PLFs are Greys and Reptilians who have been created by a group of humans with links to the MIC for the purpose of abducting as part of an “extraterrestrial enmification” program. So the purpose of these PLF abductions is to make the extraterrestrials look like ‘the enemy.' This would be done as part of a preparation for a false flag operation. – I do not have any information that would corroborate Greer's theory, but I don't want to discard it a priori as it seems a possible scenario.
  8. The “it's-only-in-your-mind” factor: Complicating all of this is that we have to take ‘Virtual Reality Scenarios' into account, as well as ‘psyops' / mind control operations. These can be human and extraterrestrial in origin.


In other words, abductions are carried out by:


  • Aliens with whom the USG has a treaty. These may also (occasionally) be assisted by hybrids and / or human-looking extraterrestrials.
  • Aliens with whom the USG has a treaty, assisted by humans from Earth, both military and civilian
  • Aliens with whom the USG does not have any agreement. These may also (occasionally) be assisted by hybrids and / or human-looking extraterrestrials.
  • The US Military (MILABS, type 1 / RE-ABS)
  • An as yet unidentified group of humans that operates in paramilitary style (MILABS, type 2).
  • PLFs who pretend to be extraterrestrials but are not, and are controlled by human masters.


The Existence of a Treaty

Quite a number of authors have mentioned this, but that in itself does not prove anything yet. However, one researcher I know has spoken to a person who has seen a copy of the actual treaty. Also, one person I worked with, who is now late and who was one of the people in charge of counterintelligence operations of a European country told me he had been briefed on the existence of an exchange programme between the USG and a group of extraterrestrial races (plural). As he himself pointed out, he could have been fed disinformation. The indications, however, are that such a treaty would indeed exist. Note also that it would be with a consortium, and that many abductees mention different species at the same location, and as part of the same operation.


The content of the treaty - permission to abduct in exchange for technology

Again, a number of authors (like the late Bill Cooper, and Dan Sherman) mention this. The witness mentioned above sub item 1 also confirms this. Given that large numbers of abductees report being taken to a military facility, there is some corroboration for this assumption. (Unless this is part of a deception: create the impression that one is taken to a military basis in order to gain cooperation. It is likely that both are happening: real military presence and “virtual reality” military presence).


Involvement of the Military

As I just mentioned, many abductees mention military personnel assisting the aliens. Three remarks: A) this is a fairly ‘recent' phenomenon, meaning that up until about 20 to 25 years ago, the abductions seem to have been mainly carried out by aliens only. B) David Jacobs' assumption that these must be hybrids wearing fake uniforms is incorrect. Abductees often can tell the difference. One abductee I worked with is adamant that he encountered human military personnel and that he recognised the rank etc. of the people he encountered. C) Greer's theory that all abductions are done by the military with some of them posing as aliens is too ridiculous to even warrant further attention. Abductees can tell the difference.


RE-ABS or MILABS, type 1

The US military often abducts abductees and questions them about their abductions. No aliens are present on those occasions. This is reported by numerous abductees.



Other aliens, with whom the USG has no arrangement, seem to be engaged in abductions as well. There are still lots of abductions where no humans are present. Probably part of these are done by the ones with whom a treaty exist. Testimonies by abductees who experienced type 1 MILABS, however, indicate that the Military is worried about another group (often referred to as ‘the others') and are desperate to find out what their agenda is.



Closer analysis of MILAB cases reveal activities of a paramilitary group where humans are dressed in uniforms that look military in nature but are not the standard military uniforms. (Ingo Swann even reported to have been hired by them). It is at present unclear who these people are, and what their agenda is.


PLF abductions

Personally I have not come across any evidence or indications of these. Greer is the sole source of information on them thus far, yet he is adamant that PLF abductions are a fact.


Virtual Reality Scenarios (VRS) and psyops

In a virtual reality scenario, a person is led to believe that something did happen, while it did not. It could be compared to a kind of hypnotic suggestion. It can take many forms: you can see, e.g., a human person, while in reality, there is a Grey (and it's the Grey who ‘imposes' this image of a human person). Or you can believe you saw a UFO, went outside and stared at it through binoculars for a while, and then it went away, while in reality, you were abducted, and never stared through binoculars at all, etc. The possibility therefore exists, with each and every experience, that at least part of it didn't really happen, but only in the subject's mind, as an implanted memory. Needless to say that this complicates matters. – In my experience, VRS can be discovered by involuntary eye movements. But it would be good to get some backup / feedback on that from other people. Apart from VRS, other “psyops” are possible as well. The principle, however, is the same: external means are used to alter an individual's perceptions, memories and beliefs.


When it comes to WHY abductions are carried out, I still think the compilation by Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest with regard to the probable agendas and purposes gives the best insight. As possible motivations they list:

  1. study,
  2. genetic sampling,
  3. tracking of genetic family histories,
  4. maintaining and developing hybridization programs, which in itself can happen for several reasons, including a) upgrading the DNA of their species, b) creating a new species, c) infiltration, d) creating individuals who can function as intermediaries,
  5. human maternal response observation,
  6. observation of neurological responses to emotional stimuli,
  7. communication;
  8. the instilment of fear and terror, which is believed by negative oriented extra-terrestrials to halt the development or acceleration of the abductees and of mass consciousness,
  9. as well as other purposes...

Note that all of these are the agendas of the extraterrestrials involved in abductions.

Add to that the agendas / purposes of the humans that are involved in this:

  1. control and verify: data and fact finding missions
  2. enmification
  3. instilment of fear


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