Blue Flower

Paola Harris & Clifford Stone

Interview with Clifford Stone about crash retrievals and aliens.

 with the help of his collaborator Joseph Zeromski.
by Paola Leopizzi Harris

September 2008


Clifford Stone 2003


Cliff, Tell us about Aliens who look like us. Can you repeat the story you told me about their living in Texas among Humans.


PH:      The family from Texas, they said they look like us, right?

CS:      Yes.

PH:      Did you say a mother, father and two boys?

CS:      Mother, father and son.

PH:      And they look like us. You don’t know where they came from; you just know they were aliens.

CS:      I wanted to get security clearance, so I was talking to the Security Clearance Operations Officer. I didn’t know I already had a security clearance, but all these things I was doing required a security clearance, and I didn’t have one, as far as I knew. So I went and talked to him. He told me a story about when they had this hurricane in 1977 or 1978. He said it destroyed the whole community. And this one young man saw a young girl very upset by this, and he thought he could cheer her up and let her know that there’s other life out there. So he said to her, would you like to see the family’s flying saucer? And she starts to smile. So he said, I will show you the craft that’s in the barn. So the next day they went over, the whole family was gone, and there were these Air Force guys there. And they left. But I can tell you because I was involved in the operation in California.


PH:      When you hear a story like this, Cliff, do you ever wonder if there are other situations like this?

CS:      Oh, there are.

PH:      There are. And there’s no way we can know, can we?

CS:      Right, there’s no way.

PH:      Because I wanted to tell the world, Cliff, that they’re not all just greys. So when you say they look just like people, all that most people have in mind when they think of ETS is the greys. They can’t imagine greys with families and children. They don’t know that there are human-type aliens. That’s why I asked you the question.

CS:      Some of them look like us, but all of them have an aspect that – I don’t understand it completely, but it’s what you’d call alter-dimensional. But they have families, just like us. And one thing it’s hard to tell anybody, is that they accept the existence of what we call God. We are slowly approaching that time when we will be able to scientifically prove that something survives physical death. Once that happens, we will be well on our way to a greater understanding of that which we call God.

PH:      Did you ever hear of other beings among us?

CS:      Oh, yeah. If your child comes to you and says he has friends, and you can’t see those friends, and he insists they’re not imaginary, then take a look at him. Don’t take him to a child psychologist or someone like that, because all they’re going to do is say there’s nothing there. That’s not going to make his friends go away.
  ** Enter Joe

PH:      Your name is…

JZ:       Joseph Zeromski

PH:      And you’ve known Clifford Stone for some time?

JZ:        Yes, I’ve know Clifford for about ten years. I met him in Roswell, and being an aerospace engineer, engineers want to know the truth. So after his showing me certain documents and different information that he had, photographs, etc., I did some research on my own and he is definitely the real person.

PH:      He couldn’t possibly have made this up.

JZ:        No, because being an aerospace engineer, I looked at it more scientifically, how the craft would travel from one galaxy to another using wormhole technology, I checked with different national societies and other sites, and this technology definitely does exist. This is something Clifford talks about, and you can’t make it up.

PH:      He is also very emotionally involved in it.

JZ:        Yes, very emotionally involved. When he talked about how he helped one escape, how he had a friendship with one called Corona, you could see in his eyes that he really did talk to Corona and you actually find out about their lifestyle.

PH:      And when he talked to them, it was always telepathic, right?

JZ:        Yes, because some of them you could talk to because they were like you and me, in human form, and some of them I believe they’re here on Earth and they’re concerned about us blowing ourselves up. They’ve said so many times that they wonder why we’re doing these things to ourselves like crashing airplanes into buildings, suicide, and all that. They’re more spiritually evolved.

PH:      We were talking about over fifty different types of aliens that are here.

JZ:        Some of them are just pure energy.

PH:      Some of them could have intentions of their own, which we would not agree with. I don’t believe in evil aliens, but they may have an agenda of their own.

JZ:        Some of them like to tease us, they like to fly around our jet fighters and try to get them to chase them, like they’re playing a game of cat and mouse. They’re mischievous, but not evil. In every race or culture, you have some like that.

Paola Harris & Clifford Stone

PH:      Could you explain the twelve crash retrievals that Clifford says he was involved in, all in different countries?

JZ:        I just want to say one thing, that when you talk about crash retrievals, not all of them crashed. Some of them were landings. Some were actual contact. What people don’t see is that there were a lot of landings that were controlled by our governments and by them, in terms of communication. Clifford and I always laughed about that, like they can’t fly. They’ve got these amazing aircraft, and they just keep crashing them?

So these are twelve different situations that Clifford was involved in, and these are either retrieval, or face-to-face communication, or landings. So these are twelve different situations that I know of, that Clifford talks about. As an engineer, I do more research and try to put more science into it, because if you just say, something happened at the Pentagon, then it’s like, well, what do you mean? So I go into more detail. But also, because I have a security clearance, I’m very careful that when we do talk, I don’t let anything out because of that. He has a clearance too, and he’ll tell you that he’ll never disclose anything that will show the proof if it’s going to violate the security, just like me.

So the first one he told me – you know, the first time he was ever approached was when he was four years old, they used to appear like little kids. After a while, when they got to know him and he got to know them, they appeared to him in their form, as greys or as other life forms. And they were so concerned that they wanted to know why he was so emotional when he saw a bird get hurt and die. They wanted to know how someone could be so emotional about it. That’s when they started appearing to him, when he was four years old. It’s interesting that when he was explaining to me about what he saw when he was four years old, he saw this craft fly over in back of his house. Some kids were playing with him and they said, you were gone for forty minutes. So I figured out that their planet is about a hundred light years away, it takes forty minutes to travel a hundred light years. So he said, well they used wormhole technology. And if you look at some of the pictures of the craft that Clifford talks about, he talks about all the exotic metals, all the exotic materials to withstand the speed of light, so Clifford and I figured out that they used wormhole technology. When you see a craft, and all of a sudden it disappears, that’s because it’s going through the portal. NASA is working on wormhole technology.

A lot of the craft he went to see didn’t have exotic materials. And when I did talk to him about these interviews, he drew pictures of what the craft looked like, and I kind of knew what they looked like also. This was kind of weird because we’re kind of connected spiritually also.

PH:      Could some of these craft turn into light energy? People have described seeing what seemed like balls of light, and they seemed to materialize into craft. If you raised the frequency of something, could it turn into light?

JZ:        Yes, it could, because when we’re talking about how they go from one dimension to another, you have the object vibrating at a different resonance. And by vibrating at a different resonance, you have the object going through a different molecular space. And yeah, it definitely is, because it’s the same thing with technology. If you look at the spacecraft, there are no windows and no doors.

PH:      But I’m talking about the light craft.

JZ:        With the light craft, they can change metals into transparency, which is easy for them, so you can take a solid object and turn it into energy or vice versa.

PH:      So what could be seen, especially around where the tether broke, and they had a hundred of these little amoeba-like things, could be craft.

JZ:        Yes, it could be, because they could go together and form one. Their technology is so advanced. People need to remember that when they see a UFO or they see a spacecraft, they’re always trying to put it in their human context. Their technology and their physics is way beyond ours. But no matter what dimension the metal came from, it’s not going to break the laws of physics here. With the craft, when it’s going through a wormhole or changing dimensions, it’s still following physics. Maybe more advanced physics, but it’s still following physics.

PH:      Number one, is that the one he talked about in the Disclosure Project?

JZ:        No, this was the NBC School.( Nucleur Biological Unit)
 He told me that he was in the military, and he was told to go to this building and to go upstairs and just to wait. So he went up, and he was bored so he looked down and saw people watching films. He thought it was science fiction, you know, different craft and things like that. Soon one of the officers looked up and saw him, and Security showed up and asked him what he was doing up there. He explained that he had been told to wait there. For a few hours, or possibly for a few days, they were trying to say, you didn’t see what you saw, and if you ever disclose it we’re going to, you know, because of security reasons.

PH:      And the government could possibly have craft.

JZ:        Yeah, and he knew about it for a long time, but the military kind of indoctrinated him.

PH:      Let’s go to number two. This was in 1969 in Indian Town Gap.

JZ:        Right, but what was interesting about the NBC film – he went to meet somebody that worked in the NSA. And he went to the NSA, and the guy said, I want to show you something. So they both went to the Pentagon. Now I went to the Pentagon, and there was an underground system there. I won’t go into too much detail, but a helicopter was sent out. So he said he went underground with this person, and they went down a long hall. If you know anything about military bases, you know there are no windows because they don’t want anyone to see what’s classified. He went to one room, and there was an entity sitting on a chair.

PH:      Did he describe the entity?

JZ:        Yes. He saw into the entity’s eyes, and he actually saw his whole life kind of passing before his eyes. His own life and I think the entity was trying to communicate that they had the ability to communicate this way. He picked up the energy, but he said it was so painful that he felt like his head was in a buzz saw. And then he said that he just passed out, and woke up later on. The folks from the NSA said, “Are you all right? You just fell asleep.” And Cliff said, no, I saw this, I saw that, and they said, “No you didn’t.” They tried to debrief him.

PH:      What do we know about the entity that was sitting in the Pentagon in the underground tunnel?

JZ:        I think, I’ll have to ask Cliff more, but I think they wanted to see if Clifford really knew what he knew.

PH:      But can you tell us anything else about what the entity was doing there, was he a guest?

JZ:        I think he was a guest. There were times when Clifford would see an entity. There were many cases; I’ve got some of them documented, where he was communicating with the entity. And the scientists were there with their notebooks, and they wanted to see if Clifford was really communicating with the entity. So they’d have Clifford ask the entity about interstellar travel. One time he wrote down some formulas, and I have a copy of it, and that showed proof that Clifford was talking to the entity.

PH:      Clifford must have been used to seeing these entities. We’re talking about it like it’s normal, but it’s not normal to go to the Pentagon, and underneath to have an entity. What was he doing there? They do know there are entities, and we’re having some kind of interaction with them.

JZ:        I think, you know, working for one of the big military contractors, we’re always trying to find ways to come up with new weapon systems. I feel that our government is trying to reverse-engineer technology so that they can have a better weapon system.

PH:      That’s why they’re fascinated with the entities?

JZ:        They are. Clifford was in contact with them about certain things. He was having a conversation once with the entity, and the government didn’t know because they can’t read minds. Clifford was asking things like what’s your name, where do you live, what type of lifestyle do you have. So Clifford was more involved in the personal life of these entities.

PH:      You told me there were some things the entity told Clifford, that he did not repeat.

JZ:        Yes, I know that for a fact, either because he wanted to protect the entity or himself. He kept telling people that the government never asked the right questions. They were only interested in technology.

PH:      They were never interested in spiritual, psychological, sociological questions that you and I would have asked.

JZ:        They never asked that.

Paola Harris, Clifford Stone, Bob Dean

PH:      Okay, let’s go to number three, Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania. I asked him once whether that was a regular town and he said no, it’s part of a military base.

JZ:        This was a military exercise in Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, which is an army base that the army uses for flight simulators. When I was in the military they were sending officers there all the time for flight training. Clifford was told that a craft went down, and it was a Soviet craft, and they had to go check it. That was the cover story. So he went out there with a Geiger counter and found that the craft had no radiation, because they don’t use the same propulsion system that we do. So he explained little bits here and there, and I kind of put it together that this was not a conventional craft.

One of the entities was hanging out of the opening in the side. The way Project Moondust works, when you have an incident, they send the first responder and Clifford out to see what’s going on. He kept on calling for an officer, and they kept saying, tell us what you see. Now when you go to a crashed airplane or any craft, there’s a certain protocol. This includes security and a cover story. So I was reading about what he was talking about, and it made sense because the readings were normal, there was no radiation. So I started putting things together. No heat shield, no exotic material…

PH:      So there were four entities and they were grey. The important thing about this is that he was shocked, because he didn’t know he was doing that. He thought he was just looking for a craft.

JZ:        At Indian Town Gap, he actually saw visitors. They were dead, but he actually saw them and realized that the government was doing something.

PH:      Did the government shoot them down?

JZ:        No, this crash was an accident. People like sensationalism; they like to say we shot down UFOs.

PH:      Why did they come down in a military installation?

JZ:        Some witnesses have said that NORAD was always aware that a Fastwalker was coming in, and would be told that a craft was about to crash. So the military would try to guide the craft in to land at a military facility, as the best way to keep the public out and to contain the incident. It’s like if you’re flying a small plane and you have trouble, you try to bring it down in an open field.

PH:      So they’re guided in. That assumes there’s communication between the pilots of these craft and our military.

JZ:        Oh, there is. They can communicate telepathically. That’s what they’ve been using remote viewing for, in addition to regular communications.

The next event was when he was in Viet Nam, and when he was flying out of one of the bases, he was taking to the Colonel. And he said he heard about this when he was on a base in Oakland, California. The Colonel said anybody else talks, we’re going to silence them because this is a secret project. You are not going to talk about what you see. The way it works is that nobody ever knows all the information. Where I work, I know part of the project, somebody else knows another part. The reason is that if something happened, you got compromised, you got government secrets.

PH:      What was he doing in Viet Nam?

JZ:        He was supposed to check out a B-52 crash. Now the interesting thing is that usually when an airplane crashes, it’s going to go through the trees, and aircraft is going to be all over the place. When we fly over, we see a wing here, a fuselage over there. Here, the B-52 was solid. Clifford asked himself, why is this craft all in one piece? He saw greys on the other side of the plane, and they asked him why he was there. He heard it in his head. Apparently they were startled to see him. There was shooting going on all around them, but they were able to stop the bullets. He said they had the technology to be able to stop time. So he told them, if you can stop time, you need to get out of the way or you’re going to get killed.

So I think they were there because they wanted to know why the enemy shot down a B-52, why we were killing each other. When it was coming down, they lifted it and brought it down intact. They were concerned about why we were at war. They were very disturbed and very caring about life. He told me that they actually stopped us from shooting each other. So he went back to the staging area and was about to write all this down, like a debriefing. The Colonel was there, and they were concerned that Clifford saw all this. Clifford told them that the Visitors had said they were there to see why the airplane was shot down, that they were surprised to see Clifford there, and then they wanted to debrief Clifford. Having a clearance, everything you write down, even if it’s tic-tac-toe or something, that paper is considered classified. If you make photocopies of a classified document, the blank paper before and after is considered classified too!

PH:      So what happened after that? He told me he was digging a tunnel or something.

JZ:        The tunnel was another situation where he had to go investigate a crash. This was also in Viet Nam. He was called because there was a sighting, so he took a helicopter and went all the way out into the jungle. He got to this clearing and he saw a cave. Now if you know anything about engineering, when you cut into a cave, you get a rough rock surface. This looked like it had been cut by a laser. He went into this cave and set up the radio phones and so on. He saw that the cave was luminescent. He said that when he went into the cave, it was very dark, but over in the corner he saw one of the craft, and it was black and triangular in shape. When he examined the craft, he saw one of those panels that you pass your hand over and all the lights come on.

PH:      So what was the craft?

JZ:        It was all black, triangular in shape.

PH:      So he knew it was their stuff.

JZ:        He knew it. And he also said, as he talked about in UFO Magazine, that there was also something like a laboratory, and they were trying to figure out why we were killing ourselves, shooting each other.

PH:      So they were, in a way, a reconnaissance team of ET’s that were looking at us and what we were doing in the Viet Nam war. But then why was Clifford in the cave? Was he a military liaison with these beings?

JZ:        He was in the cave to see what was going on. Now when he was in the cave, I don’t know if he ever told you this, but he knew that his platoon was on the other side of the cave. He could see transparently through the wall of the cave, the soldiers.

PH:      So what he saw was a dimensional kind of thing where he could see both sides.

JZ:        Yes, and we know that’s true because some of the craft have the technology to take metal and make it transparent. Some of that technology exists, and I think now some of it has been commercialized.

PH:      Did he also communicate with them?

JZ:        Yes. He saw this control panel and ran his hands over it, and all the lights came on. There were no wires or anything.

PH:      Are we saying that these beings are somehow cooperating with the military? What was he doing there? He shouldn’t have been in there.

JZ:        You have to understand that the military didn’t know what was going on.

PH:      And they sent him in to see what was in the cave. Alone?

JZ:        No, he was with the other military personnel. That’s when he went in there with the phone and everything.

PH:      Were the other people like him, or was he the only telepathic one?

JZ:        He was the only one there who was telepathic. But everyone with him had security clearance, so they were just there to assist him and to take orders.

PH:      What was the communication there?

JZ:        Like the other cases, they were asking him why he was there, what he was doing there, and what we’re doing is trying to understand this war you have going on here. So when he put his hand over this control panel and a beam of light came out of it like a laser and hit him in the eye. He’s talked about how he has a scar on his eye and all the medical doctors said something like an insect bit him. It wasn’t that, it was a laser beam. Now a laser is a very focused beam of light. And I think what happened is that when he put his hand over it, the laser beam hit his eye, and the soldiers with him said he was out. Now he remembers saying that when he was knocked out, the Visitors brought him back. When he came back, he remembers realizing that all of the recovery sites he was going to, the government really doesn’t know what’s going on. He talks to these Visitors, and they ask him things, and then they get to talking and he realizes that the government doesn’t know what’s going on and doesn’t ask the right questions. We would ask things like why are you here, do you have family, that kind of thing.

PH:      Does Clifford ask them those questions?

JZ:        He does, and they told him, we have families like yours. We have societies. We don’t believe in ego or lying, or greed. They’re more spiritual. They say we have to be more spiritual in order to get to their level.

PH:      Spirituality needs to evolve like our technology.

JZ:        Right now, our technology is not spiritual.

PH:      So he was able to question these visitors in Viet Nam. But we never get names of groups that they come from.

JZ:        No, he said when you’re nineteen years old, as Clifford was when he was in Viet Nam, and they give you a clearance and you go out there and your whole life turns upside down – you don’t think to ask them where they came from.

Another case, in 1969, happened an Air Force Base – I think it’s in Virginia. He met one of the ET’s. He was sitting across from the ET and the ET said to him, look at his eyes, I’m afraid. This is the one he helped to escape. This is where he had communications with the Visitor that the government didn’t know about.

PH:      So Clifford helped this guy escape…

JZ:        They told the Colonel that the Visitor wanted to talk to him alone because he wanted to show him something. So everybody got out of the room. Clifford got somebody to get wire cutters and cut the fence around the perimeter where they had this Visitor, and then Clifford was told that they were going to come and pick him up.

PH:      His own people were going to come pick him up?

JZ:        The ET’s were going to come pick up this Visitor and get him out of there.

PH:      I heard they had a room that had blocks, not wire.

JZ:        No, the wire fence was outside, around the perimeter. In the building, it’s set up so that it’s very compartmentalized, you can’t just go through. So he helped the Visitor escape and then they got through the wire fence. Now when the craft landed, he said they were shocked because they said, Clifford, you shouldn’t have done that, they’re not always friendly. Clifford said, no, they are always friendly, it’s you who are not always friendly and who say they are not. The agenda of a lot of the people interviewing, they always think that the Visitors are evil. That sells books. But Clifford said that when he saw the craft land, he was trying to figure out how heavy it was by the indentation that it leaves. If you think about it, if you land an aircraft on grass, it’s always going to leave an impression. He told me that one of the craft he was in, was about thirty feet in diameter. But when he was inside, he tried to measure it with a 100-foot measuring tape, and he ran out of tape.

PH:      Let’s get back to the beings. They were saying, Clifford, you shouldn’t have done that? Was it the beings who said that?

JZ:        The being said, I’m afraid. He felt the fear from the ET. He helped the being escape, and they thanked him for doing that. The truck driver, the one who cut the fence with the wire cutters, said I could get court-martialed for this, but this being is a friend of ours.

PH:      So were the people upset with him?

JZ:        No, only the Colonel said to him, not all of these beings are friendly.

PH:      So they didn’t court-martial him.

JZ:        No, they didn’t. But I found it interesting that all the information that we have, they always talked about being afraid and meaning no harm.

PH:      I don’t think all aliens are like that, but the one he met probably was. What was the purpose of having him in the room? Were they trying to grill him for information? Was he the survivor of a crash or something?

JZ:        Yes, they were trying to get information from him. I don’t know how he came to be there.

PH:      You don’t know how they got him, or they captured him, or what.

****** Enter Clifford Stone again


CS:      Things aren’t always what they seem to be, like a solid wall. I went through the wall. They stated, a lot of times things aren’t as they seem. They showed me a door, they pushed him. We went through the wall.

PH:      And they never hurt you for letting the guy go. They never did anything. They kind of understood that he needed to go and they let him. But I don’t understand where he came from in the first place.

CS:      There’s a whole lot – if anyone comes up and tells you that they know exactly what happened, it’s not true.

PH:      So a lot of it is open ended.

CS:      Yes. I can go so far with some of this stuff, but – people talk about sending me out to wait for the next UFO crash. UFO crashes are unique; they don’t come on a schedule.

PH:      So you never knew when you would be called out. When you were doing this, what kind of work were you doing? Nuclear biological clean up?

CS:      I was doing normal things. But I was working very hard and everyone noticed I was getting a little strange. My wife went to my commanding officer and asked him why I wasn’t spending much time at home, whether I was working. I had to. I did a good job for my service. I was doing my duty.

PH:      You had different jobs, different duties. We have to make that really clear.

CS:      For example, the night I was out on the field with the guy right there, he was sent by Central Texas College. His equipment was all purchased for him at the expense of the US government.

PH:      Why are they allowing you to talk? Is it because you can’t prove what you say?

CS:      I can’t prove it.

PH:      So you can talk all you want to, but you can’t prove anything. Do they mind if you talk?

CS:      There’s a lot of stuff out. There are people who want this out, because people are getting hurt and they want it to stop.

PH:      Also, it’s part of our history on our planet. Because you’re telling us things that are absolutely revolutionary, and if they were to tell you to be quiet, I’m sure you would.


Publisher's note: This article was originally published at in September 2008. Reprinted with permission.