Book cover 'Another Reality'
Book cover 'Another Reality'

This autobiographical book, written by Stan Ho, is dedicated to Stan’s experiences with UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) and ET’s (Extra Terrestrials, or Aliens) all based on real life, truth, and fact. It covers topics such as encounters of various kinds, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, orbs, and consciousness.

The book has several forewords, where one can get a base knowledge of understanding of exopolitical matters. This field is heavily based on testimonies, historical records, and intense research. Through these methods, we’re able to discern fake news, conspiracy theories that have no base of facts, and collaboration with others who are on the front lines of working with the people who matter in this field. It was good to see so many forewords from the people who have really made a difference.

When we deal with subjects that are not widely known about, or are shrouded in uncertainty, mystery, and controversy, we must first attempt to educate our readers so we can help guide them into these realms. Stan has done a good job in laying down this base of information which makes it much easier to understand and digest the subject matter.

Time, Space, and all things that exist in it are connected, this connection is known as synchronicity and will be mentioned on numerous occasions. It’s important to understand its meaning because just understanding what it is, helps us to make sense of what’s happening around us, now, in the past, and in the future. This is all related to Quantum Entanglement, which sounds incredibly complex (and it is), but it’s made easier to understand for us here, at least in a way that helps us relate to it.

"Seeing is believing and believing is seeing." This is very true. We need to believe the things we see with our own eyes, and in this age of CGI that looks just like the real thing, we need to "look up" more often with an open mind and see with our own eyes what’s up there. Corroboration from other witnesses is of utmost importance too and helps bring believers together to form our ever-expanding networks.

Missing time, is something you’ll find most contactees and experiencers have had. It’s common for people to dismiss this as just "not remembering." However, there’s a very distinct possibility one traveled to another place and either doesn’t want to remember, or cannot, by design. Stan’s experience here fits with so many reports that people have made.

Channeling and auras are things that for me personally, aren’t something I’ve ever been interested in, but it’s very interesting to see how that influenced Stan’s perception of it. Nothing better than to experience something yourself to make yourself a believer.

The part about the Moldavite linkage was very interesting, more so because I’ve never heard of it before, or its capabilities.

It was nice to see a mention of Remote Viewing. This is a very misunderstood and almost taboo area of the paranormal. I say taboo because unless you can RV yourself, one has to rely on the descriptions that someone else can give you about what they experienced. RV is a subject that deserves a much more in-depth study as well as utilization to delve deeper into our universe.

CTS or Coherent Thought Sequencing is a key factor to having meaningful experiences with ET’s and higher dimensions. Stan makes mention of experiences during his diving trips, and that makes sense. As a diver myself, I know my mind is usually quite empty, as I don’t have the business or personal pressures that exist in the world above, it’s not a great time for deep thought, however, it does clear your mind. How this is relevant is revealed in the book.

The sections about orbs are fascinating because it was educational (I had no idea so many types existed) and gives insight into how to see them. For me, I know they’re real because I’ve seen them in real time on a camera in video mode as well as capturing them on photos. It’s evident from these sections that Stan really knows what he’s talking about. He talks about a CE-5 expedition to Sedona Arizona, and I had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes the orbs that Stan was able to produce for the cameras. If anyone has a chance to go on one, I highly recommend it. There were many instances of paranormal and ET activity during it, but, I’ll let you, the reader, find out these details for yourself.

Val Thor, George Adamski, ET Intervention at nuclear sites, these are some of the topics covered in this book, and it gives a very good idea into the culture that exists with the ET phenomenon. In reading these stories, one can get an idea of how truly we are not alone. Being a Type 0 civilization (explained in the text), we have a long way to go.

Stan is very clearly operating on a higher level of consciousness and is connected in a way that, for a lot of people, can’t really be understood. This book gives the reader a very in-depth view of his world and how he sees it, with the added benefit of not being science fiction. This looks into his life and how it pertains to enlightenment and the ET phenomenon, and was a pleasure to read. For me personally, I extend my utmost respect to Stan for being so open and forthcoming with his experiences and documenting them for us all to share. If one has the curiosity to know about higher meanings and things to make you say “wow”, then this book should be on your shelf.

It was a great honor to be asked by Stan to read and review his book, which was a pleasure to read and I personally wish him the best of success both with this publication and any future ones he may have in the works. Stan and I know each other from the world of Exopolitics and a CE-5 expedition we took part in, in Sedona, Arizona, USA (expedition story in the book).

Andrew French, 23 July 2017.