The Kendall Stone
By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.
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ISBN Trade Paper 978-1483995014
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The Kendal Stone, by Richard Bonenfant

Due to the nature of my own research, one of the aspects of The Kendall Stone this reviewer found most interesting is; nearly everything about the story contained within its pages has been documented as having already occurred, is happening at the present moment, or is forecast – by different people across our World – to occur; and most likely, in our own lifetimes. We can therefore categorize this book not as a simple novel, but as faction: a cross between fiction and nonfiction.

What can be attributed to the author’s strong scientific background, coupled with exceptional knowledge of Near Death Experiences and the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, is his ability to interconnect the principles of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence with the properties of human consciousness and take the reader on a fascinating, fast paced journey involving a cast of characters, which include a very special young girl and technologically advanced alien beings.

The story begins with a dream that leads to a graduate student and his assistant discovering, in the wee hours of the morning, a fast walker, better known by the general public as an asteroid. It is later confirmed to be a NEO or Near Earth Object, and its trajectory will take it very close to Earth’s orbit.

In an undergraduate astronomy classroom setting, SETI’s mission and its accomplishments and the Fermi Paradox are introduced to the reader by a post-doctoral intern with SETI. In this classroom sits the future co-discoverer of a “meteorite” that will become known as The Kendall Stone. The classroom discussion includes the idea of extraterrestrial life already visiting Earth. The reaction from the SETI intern is a typical “no evidence has been presented to me yet…” response, but it is delivered in a caring and intelligent manner.

Making it clear that the bus sized asteroid, now named Taurus, which is approaching Earth at a speed of 14 miles per second will not hit our planet, the lecture comes to an end at the chime of the bell. The professor of the astronomy class then invites his students to receive extra credit on their final grade by obtaining “good photographs of the asteroid.” Two students named Jim Kendall and Connie Maslowsky, go on to make history by doing not only that, but by also having the incredibly good fortune to photograph an object that breaks off from the asteroid. The only problem is: it is neither a bus-sized asteroid they are photographing nor is the smaller object your typical meteorite!

When the fragment that has broken off is located, the object’s mysterious properties begin to have immediate physiological and psychological affects beginning with the animal life nearby, followed by the two students. The meteorite’s special properties are later confirmed through non-invasive experiments conducted on animals, and by default, on other humans. When approached, at first, NASA is completely uninterested in even looking at yet another meteorite, but the object eventually becomes very much desired by loyal scientists within NASA. When it is determined that some sort of compensation should be given to the discoverers of the object for their gift, the only request is that the object be read by a psychic.

This is where a special young girl comes into the story. Her name is Ali Marshall. She is a survivor of a terrible childhood accident, which led to a near death experience. A short time after she recovers, she and her mother realize she has special psychic abilities. She also ends up being the psychic who is chosen to read the object by Jim and Connie and their team of professors, and the way they find Ali Marshall is…dare I say it? Awesome!

Not to be outdone, the government has their own psychics who are called remote viewers and a special man is chosen to read the object along with Ali Marshall. The highly controlled, monitored and separate readings by these two individuals are one of the most fascinating aspects of this book and it really opened this reviewer’s eyes to the possibility that if one has an inkling of the gift, remote viewing can, at the very least, be strengthened by the right facilitators.

Thanks to the special talents of the government’s remote viewer and the gifted young Ali, the object is discovered to be too advanced and too dangerous for humans to handle. Unfortunately, as is often the case with certain information, those in authority and with sufficient power, often keep valuable information away from people the information was destined for.

The information provided by the two psychics is kept from the President of the United States who is, refreshingly, a woman hell-bent on keeping the Office of the President honest and forthright. Because she is the first female President of the United States, the standards for her performance are placed at a higher level than that of her male predecessors, and she never lets herself forget it.

After an experiment on the meteorite by NASA scientists ends in disaster, its existence is classified, deemed unsafe and it is sent to be protected on a special military installation. Unfortunately, a shadow organization within our own government has also become interested in the meteorite... Very interested.

At this stage of the book, the reader has been introduced to subjects ranging from the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and basic concepts of physics; to near death experiences; as well as the possibility of alien abductions, psychic abilities and remote viewing. These phenomena are coherently and creatively woven into the story so that all phenomena make plausible sense and will be quite believable even to people who are not thoroughly versed about the subjects. The scenarios involving the aliens will be both familiar and not so familiar, but they are definitely within the realm of possibility, if not reason. We are like the characters in this book and not. We are like the aliens and not. There is both darkness and light.

For readers who are already somewhat knowledgeable about these subjects, and especially for those who consider themselves directly involved, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. It is an adventure story, and a story of discovery that takes several twists and turns. The story does lead to a potential hopeful outcome for humanity, but time will tell if the true events that are already in motion on our planet and those that are yet to be in this story will unfold during all of our lifetimes. If you consider yourself a Millennial or a New Global or are a person who is experiencing firsthand contact, you will understand the events I hint at in this review.

If I could add one final note and one final thought about this book, it would be this: People are often criticized for making money in the “field of Ufology.” We are held to different standards than people working in other fields are held. The author lost his beloved brother to cancer in 2013. Dr. Bonenfant is dedicating the proceeds from The Kendall Stone to the Hospice Center that took care of his brother, and the proceeds will go toward caring for terminally ill patients and their families. I ask you to educate yourself about these very real phenomena that are occurring to millions of people on our planet, while making a positive contribution at the same time. Thank you for taking your time to read my review. It was written from the heart.
– AJ for July 2013

Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. is a retired research scientist who dedicated his career to the study of birth defects in children. His main interest outside of his profession is the study of human consciousness. His career included affiliations with the Albany Medical Center Hospital, the New York State Birth Defects Institute, and the New York State Department of Health. With advanced degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, he has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Siena College in Loudonville, NY and City College in Gainesville, FL. His last professional affiliation was with the Department of Psychiatry at the Veteran's Hospital in Gainesville. Dr. Bonenfant has co-authored a number of professional articles on birth defects and has written several papers on near death experiences.