The ET-Human Link: We Are The Message

By Dana Redfield

Reviewed by AJ


"We are the message and we are the evidence. It seems almost a conspiracy that investigators would chase the dream of getting their hands on the nuts and bolts and smoking guns of the UFO, while we, the living evidences of the presence, were gestating in the miracle wombs of change. Abductees are like children….As we toddled, disoriented in a world that ignored us for the dazzle of new technologies, muse-babble was our language. But now we are beginning to find our voices…" – Dana Redfield

Dana Redfield, an accomplished author of fiction, has written her second work of non-fiction, The ET-Human Link: We Are The Message. Many people will recall her first nonfiction book, Summoned: Encounters with Alien Intelligence during which she tested the waters of a new reality emerging, and for the first time shared some of her encounters with non-human intelligences with the public. 

I read Dana's first book of nonfiction and to me it seems that Dana Redfield has grown spiritually and has become stronger and more resilient than she probably ever thought she could. She has taken the next step in her mission, if we may call it that, and has now gone public with in-depth information about her experiences, her private life and feelings about her place in the world. 

Jenny Randles penned an excellent Foreword for this book doing a superb job of preparing the reader for their journey into Dana Redfield's life. The ET-Human Link is a beautifully written book, but like many experiencers' lives, it is a very complex story. It is a story that will ask you to think about our world in the context of what is happening to those of us who have experienced interaction with non-human beings.

Some of the beings with whom Dana has interacted are physical extraterrestrials, some are inter-dimensional and some appear to be spiritual beings. Dana prefers to call them the Others. This book will also ask you to consider subjects you may not be comfortable with, such as the existence of other dimensions, channeling and past lives. 

I have just used two terms that make a lot of people uncomfortable: channeling and past lives. I will admit that when I read this book there were parts of it I had a hard time accepting. Wisely, Jenny Randles writes: 

"If you are skeptical, then that is fair enough, provided you are willing to give room to the possibility that your skepticism may be misplaced. If you are a believer, try not to merely accept what you read as being true, but to question other possibilities and consider other meanings. If you have had strange experiences for yourself, then appreciate the courage it takes to reveal them and face the rebukes that will surely follow." 

 Who among us who has gone public has not had to deal with everything the last sentence implies? Yet, even knowing this from her past experiences, Dana presses forward and tells all. 

Dana shares with us information she received before Summoned was written, but she felt the information was too fantastic to believe. She wrestled with when and how and why she should share much of the information in this book and I commend her for her courage. If the information she received from the Others is true, there is a very important message in this book.

Redfield writes, "They summoned, They whisked me up, They made their marks on my hands, triangles cut into my skin to show me the body is a divine link, a temporal home away from Home for my soul who remembers what I the human have forgotten, except as I can translate the signs." 

Dana writes about abduction events that we have come to learn occur to most abductees. However, like most abduction cases, there is much more to this story and much more to this person's life than a standard set of events. Dana Redfield was a devout Mormon. She held a "Q" (Top Secret) clearance while working at the Nevada Test Site. She has overcome great difficulties during her life; some that many people would not be able to endure, much less conquer. Because Dana succeeded she was able to write The ET-Human Link. It is a life-story that encompasses the principles of belonging, gathering and becoming. 

There is also philosophy in this book, beautifully written stories within stories, information about the controversial lost continent of Atlantis, a revisit of the Bible, the exploration of human DNA and soul evolution. Some of these subjects went beyond what my mind readily accepts. However, just as others have asked people to consider the reality of abductions by non-human beings or that structured alien seeming craft have been seen by millions of people, it is important to consider the reality of Dana Redfield's experiences.  

Perhaps the following will give you an example of one of the feelings about this book I am trying to convey: 

In 1986, before I read anything about UFOs, much less their occupants, before I knew ufology even existed - before it all - I wrote in my dream journal about something I believed happened to me during my childhood. It kept coming back to me as a recurring dream over a period of 20-plus years. It involved me traveling to another world, of being with people who wore long white robes, of being in a place that - for some reason - I believed was Atlantis. I could not share my feelings about Atlantis with anyone when I wrote my book because by that time I had put such childhood nonsense aside, but I did publish the experience in my book. To this date, I still have no idea how, as a very young child in the 1960s, I would have known anything at all about Atlantis. 

Here it was again it seemed, out of the blue, in Dana's book The ET-Human Link. As she shared her feelings about Atlantis and of another place she used to call Home, I saw this place that has been a part of my memory since my very early childhood. I cannot say if it was really Atlantis, a past life or some sort of unusual abduction, but how did this become part of Dana Redfield's past as well? I thought this was from my life. Could we really be remembering a similar place in time? A place from our past? Did we have the same abduction? 

This brings me to a new idea and term I came across in this book. It is called a 'metafractal,' a connection between experiences and metaphors and events in a person's life. Could the story of our Home or of this experience be a metafractal of Dana's life and my life? Many abductees have spoken of a place they call Home. What if it is our real home? This book made me wonder if all of us are not from this same place. I wonder if we are not going to go back to this place one day and if we are to help others get there? I wonder…and I wonder.  

Perhaps that is what I liked most about this book. It made me wonder again. I haven't done that in a very long time. Since the 1980s, many other experiencers of this phenomenon have been sharing their knowledge with the public. We have given it to the world and handed it out on the proverbial silver platter. What we received in return was never-ending diatribes from the proud skeptics and the insane logic from the debunkers. Some of us have been threatened. All of us have been ridiculed. However, we know that something profound has happened to us and we know that the truth will prevail.  

A couple of years ago, I came to a place in my life where I was beginning to think, "I'm nothing but an alien lab rat – why should I believe anything they tell me? What have they done for us? Look at all of the disbelievers there still are in ufology, not to mention the rest of the world. Where has it gotten us except exposed and ridiculed and made vulnerable?" 

The ET-Human Link brought me back to my beginning in a way. It reminded me of something I had while I was writing my book. It reminded me of my mission. It reminded me that when one of us gets tired, there is a kindred spirit to pick up the load and to help us fulfill our duty - that task we are supposed to perform and the one that got us into this in the first place. That task is something else you will learn about when you read The ET-Human Link. This is probably what the Others intended when Dana was tapped to write this book. 

I cannot tell you if past lives or channeling are real or if Atlantis existed. I do not know how to get them on tape for the skeptics. I don't know how to bring a piece of Atlantis or an extraterrestrial body back for the debunkers and the 'obstructers of truth' to find hiding places for. I can say that I believe Dana Redfield [had] contact with extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional beings. If they sometimes speak to her without showing themselves and we wish to call it channeling, then I guess that is the way they choose to interact with her and channeling is the human term for this type of interaction. 

Dana Redfield is one of many people on this planet who have a special link to these mysterious beings. There has been a special time for each stage of the message. Each part of the message has been built upon the previous message and The ET-Human Link may well be the next important message in our understanding of these elusive beings.  

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On a very sad note, Dana Redfield died on April 14th, 2007. From Frank's Blog: "Not everybody gets to write their own obituary, but this one certainly sounds like our friend, author, and sometime employee Dana Redfield. A friend of hers alerted me to the fact that her obit had appeared in the Moab Utah Times-Independent..." 

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