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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Staff reported they saw a football sized white ball yesterday about 1pm in the sky in the same place I saw the white ball at 11pm. I also saw two very large lights that I thought were aeroplane headlights but a plane of that size and that low would not be possible so low on […]
  2. 10.48pm 19.09/2019 I heard a low bass sound while on a skype call, thought it was a shabeen and went outside to check. Very large bright, silvery white light above the trees in a Northerly direction toward Lanseria airport. It winked out as I was looking at it and sound dissapeared as well.
  3. At around 17H30 19/09/2019 in Krugersdorp, I saw what I thought to be a meteor entering our atmosphere. Not sure if it burnt up after entering but it had a green streak and it broke into to two little balls of yellow/gold light and then disappeared which is why I think it just burnt out. […]
  4. Did anyone see the night sky light up at about 9:45 this evening. Am in Goodwood and saw the sky light up direction table view/bothasig. Was about a half a minute, thought it was lighting but waited and did not happen again and no thunder. Might have Been a sub station explosion but surely there […]
  5. chilling on the hotel stoep – looks exactly like a star but moves very fast for very short bursts and then hiver for a few seconds before repeating. stared at it for +-30minutes now, and became dull, but still up there. also twice saw horizontal “lightning like” lights showing tens of smaller “stars” around this […]
  6. Saw a sudden trailing flash over the Cape Town CBD and heard an explosion sound just after 03:00am 22 August 2019, no dogs barking or sirens afterwards. Coloration of light was faint yellowish almost like Cape meteor sighting in January 2019. Direction of view was from Durbanville Hills overlooking Montague Sands refinery. Did anyone else […]
  7. The evening of 1st August 2019 at Blue lagoon (Durban) only after I have taken the photos I noticed something in one of the pics.
  8. This happened while fishing at Central Beach (Plettenberg Bay) on Thursday evening, the 25th of July at about 20:45. I saw two lights that were flying horizontally from the North to the South over the horizon of the ocean. They were flying very fast and kept their distance away from each other all the way. […]
  9. spotted last night 23/07/2019 in Bellair, Durban, SA @ around 8pm Strange light moving across the sky witnessed by my daughter and myself. I zoomed in on it to take photo’s
  10. Several objects seen in the sky, between Midrand and Centurion. On April 27th at 09:05 in the morning. They were moving in pairs. The two in the circles moving together in same direction and the two in the squares moving also together but in other direction. The pairs were moving together like connected but the […]