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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. Same as sighting of the 22/2/2020 with the same patern seen by my grandson and inlaw daughter
  2. Tarlton ; Krugersdorp 21/02/2019 – Friday evening – about 19:15 pm. Big Bright Red Light – ( almost cylindrical in shape) a smaller piece of the light seem to break off. From the moment we first saw it , it was in its same position for approximately 5 to 10 seconds before it completely disappeared. […]
  3. Time of events – approximately 20:40pm Date – 22 February 2020 Area – East London (within city limits) Weather – Clear skies Just witnesses 6 lights (not satellites) moving fast evenly spaced one after another moving from out a NW direction towards a SE direction NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE AT ALL. These lights turned […]
  4. Straight line of lights, approximately 20 moving over Bloemfontein from a north west to south East direction. Looked like a row of stars. Moved at a reasonable speed.
  5. At +/- 20h30 on 20 February, direction NW – three bright lights appeared in the sky – above the Gordons Bay mountain area – moving in a straight line – similar to (orions belt). The lights appeared higher than any aircraft that i ever observed. Immediately behind the 3 lights – at least ten lights […]
  6. Seeing UFOs almost every night, so it’s gotten a bit “whatever”, but on Friday 14th, a young friend and I went out to look for them and we first saw a light flying in a slightly side-to-side motion (it was a Friday, after all – I can imagine them singing “Tequila” by Terrorvision, non-stop, all […]
  7. 5 February 2020 @ 20:25…
  8. Sunday 16th February 2020. The time was roughly 19h15. Constantia Kloof – Weltevreden Park. There was no moon at all. I was looking at Venus and admiring her brightness when I noticed a bright object 90 degress above in the sky. It seemed to be travelling at low altitude in a direction from West to […]
  9. Was outside at 20:45 on Friday 14-02. Saw very bright slow moveing light moveing from direction of Ceres towards Hermanus. It is not on any path that airlines use. As it moved out of sight 3 other lights on a higher altitute moved in the opposite direction in a triagular patern with one of the […]
  10. Tuesday, 11 February 2020 at 20:15 I took my dogs out last evening and noticed bright light in the sky. The light was too big to be a star, and it could not have been an airplane as it hanged perfectly still. After a long time (approximately 15 minutes) the light eventually faded. I could […]