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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. My brother saw something that looked like rocket launch on 2019/05/23. Does anyone know what this might have been?
  2. Same light in Pretoria 22 May 2019
  3. Strange light looks was going straight up in the air. What was it as there was no other objects near it so it’s not a plane
  4. On Saturday the 4th of May at 05:28am another white light appeared out of nowhere next to the bright hanging star and exploded into a bright light, disappeared and we watched a small black oval shape moving at high speed into the atmosphere before disappearing. Has anyone else seen this light?
  5. On Saturday the 4th of May we took sight of a blinking light above Randburg and Bryanston. It flickered with red, orange and white lights. It then moved across the sky and a beam of light that resembled a shooting star shot towards the light and it then proceeded to disappear into the distance above […]
  6. At 5:05am Saturday the 4th of May we took sight of a bright white light hanging above Sandton City. It moved slowly across the horizon and then hung for 15 minutes only to slowly fade and get smaller. It blinked and seemed to have sparkles of light flashing all around it. Has anyone else seen […]
  7. At around 6.30 PM 2 May I was driving Durban bound on M13 going past vicinity of Knowles Spar . I saw a green bright object which was shooting overhead like a meteor at extreme speed . It seemed to look as bright as a fading flare but was as fast as a shooting star […]
  8. On 27 April 2019 we noted a bright light that looked like a star sitting motionless in the sky in the East of Pretoria at about 16:00 in the afternoon. After a few minutes we noticed that the object moved slightly from its origional position, and it also seemed as if the object was changing […]
  9. Hi Guys. Sorry, not UFO, but not sure where to go with this. I woke up with these marks on my skin. Not itching. Not inflamed. I read online snd saw lots of similar things related to post-abduction. Also noticed when woke up that my semen was kind of over my pants. Weird, sorry, but […]
  10. At about 06.00 on 15 April 2019 I was standing on the balcony of our hotel room in the Bantry Bay Hotel. The hotel is located on the very border of Sea Point and Bantry Bay. It was still dark and then out of the night sky, over the ocean, a diamond- shaped flying object […]