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Asking South Africans to look up to the sky once in a while
  1. On Saturday evening 17 Nov 2019 around 8.30 we were on a night drive in Pafuri and stopped to admire the stars and look for satellites. We saw a string of lights that looked like satellites flying on the same path from East to west. Some were brighter than others but if you used binoculars […]
  2. Sandsøy, Norway, Møre og Romsdal. My guy was driving the car pretty slow while we were just looking at the sky at 01:00 am ish, suddenly I saw this white light falling slow over the sky. It wasnt a shooting star, it was much slower, closer and bigger. Earlier that night i saw something I […]
  3. 17th November 2019 at 9:40 Kensington Cape Town 7405. The object did not make any sound, moved steadily and then it noticed I was recording made a sudden right turn and just stood there. By the time I got back from calling my brother it was gone.Round shape at first like a star then changed […]
  4. I was outside dropping my mom a whatsapp message when I noticed a bright light in the night sky. It was brilliant white and resembled the evening star but a few times bigger. It then started moving. I called my son outside (an avid UFO hunter) and we started recording this cell phone video. It […]
  5. Lasr night at about 9 pm ovee the east i witneased a strage ominous square flat shape object with a dull light flat base.zoom past at high speed .i was still glancing in my cell phonr .when out of the right side od my view from my room on the bed this unidentified object caught […]
  6. Woke up with this bruise on my thigh. Seriously…. Wtf???
  7. See photo
  8. Driving home from Nelspruit to Lydenburg me and my wife saw a silver ball object in the sky. We were driving on long tom pass and want to pull off to take a photo but it dissappeared by the time we stopped
  9. In the very early hours of 1 September 1996 I was outside in our yard in Krugersdorp when I heard a very low rumbling sound coming from the west. A flying object came flying over my head at about 200m from the ground, it traveled at about the same speed as a light aircraft. It […]
  10. On Sunday at about 15h00 we were around our pool area, and all of a sudden my eye cought a flaching light high up in the sky. I asked the rest of the family if they can see it and all saw it. I fetched my binocs and lookehed through them and very cleary saw […]