Blue Flower

By Carlos Tavares

So what are Orbs?

Orbs are pure conscious intelligent entities. Conscious balls of energy. We are only seeing the lower frequencies of these beings, from our perspective, namely the bottom end or round part. As Ramtha explained if we could see the entire being they would appear more like a cone or pyramid. The tail of them being of higher frequency. Many different kinds of orbs exist. You could also call them a type of spirit or soul. For example when we die and continue after on a higher level we are in the form of an orb and then if we chose to reincarnate we then again have a “material” body. Yes you say, but what about the ghostly human forms that are also sometimes caught on camera. These are plasma fields, in the shape of a person or whatever shape the entity wants to project. These are often beings who have passed away and do not want to let go and in an extreme attempt to “stay” or even contact us produce these types of plasma fields. (The different levels of “matter” are firstly solid matter like a piece of rock, then liquid like water, then air or gas, then plasma). We too can project a plasma field and this too can be caught on camera.


So there are different types of orbs. An entity orb has a pattern inside of it, normally some type of circular structures. But there are also thought orbs. When you have a powerful thought or the entity orb has a powerful thought, it too can be caught on camera. These are normally red in colour with no patterns inside. You will see that the orbs can be of different colours. It is possible that the colour represents the level or realm where they originate from. Let me explain. So we were created from the origin, called Point Zero, from supreme God, whatever you want to call it. From this Point Zero, seven levels were created, picture a triad, with point zero at the top of the triangle as a black dot, then seven different levels, each becoming wider as you reach the bottom level. As you drop the frequencies slow down, matter becomes denser. When you get to the lowest level at the bottom, this level is where we are at now. It is called Hertzian, everything you see around you now, the material world. The next level above us is Infrared (colour red), then visible light, then ultraviolet blue (colour blue), then x-ray (colour gold), then gamma ray (colour rose), then infinite unknown (colour golden rose) at the top of the triad. These colours are important because these are colours actually observed by entities who have ascended or who have always “travelled” between these seven realms/levels.

Another type of orb is a small pure white orb. These are believed to be observers from the future. There is much more that can be caught on digital, even advanced types of machines, recording and observing us from a higher source, sent by higher intelligence. This field is so vast we are just beginning to scratch the surface.

So how do we start to photograph these orbs and other phenomena?

By using a digital camera. Why digital? Because it is the best format to capture this phenomena. The camera is totally unbiased. It only takes what is there and has no “mental” blocks or dis-beliefs preventing it to see what is there. The best is to use a camera that has between 3 and 5 mega-pixels, not bigger. The fancier cameras have infrared filters that filter out the orbs. Always use a flash, even in the daytime. You can then mentally or physically call the orbs to come and simply snap away: soon you will start to capture them. It is important to be in a relaxed state of mind and preferably in a natural setting. In your garden, in an area of natural beauty and tranquility seems to give the best results.

The importance of knowledge

Our eyes do not see. They are only lenses, like the aperture of a camera. They only allow the different angles and reflections of light through. This info is sent by the optic nerve to our brain. Our brain is what actually sees. It collects the information from the eye and fills in the gaps, through the law of association. Associating with what it has received with what is in its memory bank, therefore creating or forming an image for you in your frontal lobe, giving you the perception of what you see, or what you think you see. If you do not have the necessary knowledge in your brain you will not be able to see what is in front of you. Literally the more you know the more you can “see”. This is especially true when we are talking about phenomena like orbs. But it also applies to everything else. Seeing fairies, extraterrestrial, UFOs, etc.

Another important point is that we are vibrating at 8.5 hertz. That is our frequency, the material world you see around you now. We cannot see what vibrates higher than our frequency, but can “see” what vibrates at our same frequency and what vibrates lower than 8.5 hertz, denser matter. How do we see these higher frequencies? By raising our own frequency through our minds.

Capturing these orbs is the first step in acquiring knowledge to be able to see them without a camera. Every time you look at an orb photo or even better if you take the orb photo yourself, you are building a new neuro-net in your brain. Activating or opening a new file, let’s say. Through repetition and the acquisition of more and more knowledge you start to see, what was not possible to be seen before.