by Wendy Flentri

On 14 August 2015 the first in a series of three webinar interviews with Andromedan contactee Alex Collier took place. (It was published on YouTube on 7 November 2015). What caught my attention most was the statement he made in regards to the Biblical Jesus. Having been investigated by the Andromedans, Jesus was determined to be a composite character: the main Christ was named as the rebel Rabbi Joshua Malatiel, whose bones were found recently with others in a cave on Mount Masada, in Israel, along with several ancient manuscripts. Found in an ossuary his remains were the oldest in the cave at 70 odd years. If the main Jesus, i.e. Joshua Malatiel, had lived into his seventies, then who was crucified as Jesus? 

In August last year, Dr Courtney Brown, mathematician and a world expert in remote viewing, posted his account of a fascinating remote viewing session, carried out under scientific experimental conditions, with target: the Crucifixion. What had prompted this investigation? 

Raised as a good Christian he had never questioned the Biblical account of the Crucifixion. A friend then, urged him to read a series of books channelled by Jane Roberts called the Seth Material. Resistant, being sceptical of any unscientifically channelled material, he eventually began to read the books and was surprised at the insightfulness of their contents. One statement by Seth, he noted, was Earth shattering:

“Christ, the historical Christ was not crucified. He had no intention of dying in that manner, but others felt that in order to fulfil the prophecies in all ways, a crucification was necessary. Christ did not take part in it. There was a conspiracy in which Judas played a role, in an attempt to make a martyr out of Christ. The man chosen was drugged - hence the necessity of helping him carry the cross. And he was told that he was the Christ. He believed he was. He was one of those deluded, but he also himself believed, that he, not the historical Christ, was to fulfil the prophecies. Mary came because she was full of sorrow for the man who believed he was her son. Out of compassion she was present. Christ was a great psychic. He caused the wounds to appear upon his own body, and appeared physically and in out-of-body states to his followers. He tried, however, to explain what had happened to his followers but those who were not in on the conspiracy would not understand and misread his statements.” 

Dr Brown set out, using his remote viewing skills and scientific method to test a hypothesis - Was Jesus Crucified? But even Dr Brown was not prepared for what was remote viewed by world class remote viewer Daryl Smith who performed the task “blind” that is, he had no clue as to what the target was, nor was he familiar with the The Seth Material. In order to ensure that the data gathered was accurate Dr Brown triangulated, that is, the several questions he asked about the target would help verify each other, such as, “Where was the target at the time of the Crucifixion” and “Who did Judas Iscariot kiss on the cheek”. Dr Brown stresses the reliability of the results and that there can be no doubt regarding their validity.

The results of this remote viewing session showed that the target, the primary Jesus, Joshua son of Joseph, was safely far away and alone at the time of the crucification, though he appeared to be talking and gesticulating to others far away from him - telepathically? The man that was hung upon the cross, was not Jesus, son of Joseph but was one deluded, who wilfully accepted his fate. He had been set up by Judas Iscariot, when, by kissing his cheek, Judas had deliberately mislead the Roman soldiers, knowing Christ - Joshua, son of Joseph was safely far away. When the disciple Peter denied knowing this substitute Christ, he genuinely did not know him according to the remote viewer. Dr Brown was astonished to discover his remote viewing session supported the Seth Material and not the Biblical account.

The Crucifixion was historically a great event, while the psychic and prophetic Jesus, Joshua son of Joseph, was a historical figure of immense importance. It also seems likely that his existence upon earth at that time and place was intentionally engineered as was the remote viewed Crucifixion. The alien abduction phenomenon of today will help to explain this last statement.

Many notable researchers such as Dr David Jacobs, the late Dr John Mack and Dr Roger Leir, as well as alien abductee champion Mary Rodwell and others have looked long and hard at a phenomenon known as alien abduction, which, in recent times has become epidemic. Mary Rodwell, looking at the phenomenon from a counsellor’s view point has written several ground breaking books on the subject, which gently lead her clients and readers to awaken to astonishing revelations. Elaborating on these I have come to the following conclusions:

We are not alone in the Universe or even the most evolved species in it

We have never been alone, and have likely had multiple interventions along our evolutionary path by more highly evolved species through the deliberate mixing of their DNA with ours and by their sending enlightened ones to help guide us

This process has likely been on going for many thousands of years and may occur largely at pivotal moments in human evolution - 2001; A Space Odyssey. What did Stanley Kubrick know?

Something about humanity is very special - have we the potential to evolve to a very high level of existence, possibly to the Eleventh Density as suggested by Win Keech, when he spoke with contactee Simon Parkes, at a meeting at Whitby, England, posted November 7, 2015. He also suggested that our spirit essence is Pataal 

Some species are envious of our potential and want to share our promise     

Furthermore researchers such as Mary Rodwell, have suggested a link between the alien abduction phenomenon and the large number of very gifted children being born today - the indigo, crystal and hybrid children - homo noeticus - children with extreme talents and intellects, of which, many cases have been well documented. It seems that we are being propelled along our evolutionary road by certain alien and extraterrestrial groups and that at pivotal moments in our human history this intervention picks up pace. 

To conclude, it is beginning to seem more and more likely, in light of recent new evidence and the alien abduction phenomenon, that the main Jesus, who, according to remote viewer Dr Courtney Brown, orchestrated the Crucifixion Ruse, was also the result of an alien abduction and implantation. He was so remarkable an individual, and arrived at a pivotal moment in human history, to nudge us, it seems, in the right direction. Are we once again at one such moment in history? I am sure Mary Rodwell would agree.


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