Blue Flower

Location. Hillcrest, near Durban, South Africa
Date: May 1994
Time: evening

The 12-year old witness had been playing with his cousin outside, running around the house and carrying on for a while. They were still playing as it became dark. He ran around the garage and as he came around the corner, he got a feeling that he could not explain; something just told him to look - and as he did, he saw a child-sized being, just beside the flower bed. As he looked at it he got the weirdest feeling ever; its was almost like he received a small nervous shock. His whole body jolted as he made eye contact with the being. He stared at the humanoid for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and not sure what to do, he ran away and called his cousins to come out. He did not tell them what he had seen but when he returned with them there was nothing there anymore. The being was small; about 3-4 feet and he could only see the top half, as the rest was in the dark. It was a purple-black color and had a dark large head with very large eyes.
HC addendum