Blue Flower

Location. Francistown, Botswana
Date: November 1990
Time: 2300

The 17-year old witness was walking alone on a quiet neighborhood street. It was late and at the end of the street was a stop sign T-junction. Behind that, a field and then another part of the town that was known to the locals as “Alcatraz” because of the wall around it; built to keep wandering animals out at night. Walking towards the field, she looked ahead and saw under the street light (which was on) appeared a strange shadow being. It stood about 20 meters away. It was over seven feet tall, had a muscular physique, pointy ears and pointy fingers. She could see a perfect outline, but a totally black, void like silhouette, standing right under the streetlight. She closed her eyes and then opened them, but the figure was still there, not moving. She noticed that it seemed to absorb light, but not cast a shadow on the ground. She could not see through it at all and it appeared to be two dimensional. With her heart racing she walked forward about nine meters and shouted, “What do you want? What are you?” She was really scared and had a sense of very real danger. She stood awhile; sweating, without moving. After about three or four minutes the figure suddenly faded into thin air right before her eyes.
HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales---October 2007