Blue Flower

Location. Abuja, Nigeria
Date: 1984
Time: night

The main witness, six years old at the time, was returning home from his mother’s work place with his mother, two sisters and their driver, when they saw a bright light while they were about to turn in a junction. This light was very bright (bluish green). He was asleep at the time the light first appeared, but his sisters woke him up. On seeing the light he remembered it was so bright that he immediately shut his eyes. Their driver pushed the heads of his sisters below the dashboard and said, “Children don’t look at them…” After about 20 to 30 seconds the light slowly moved closer to their car until it was right in front of the car. The witness was still below the dashboard but according to his sisters and mother a small man also glowing in the same color slowly appeared from the light and continued coming closer to the car on the passenger side until it was right next to the side mirror. His mother then made a loud sound to scare it away because it was coming too close to the children. With lighting speed the creature and the light flew up into the night sky leaving behind a long trace of the bright bluish light behind it. They waited for about 20 seconds before moving off. The size of the light was not taller than the height of the car and the creature was the size of a little boy. The motion of the object was at first slow and later very fast.
HC addendum
Source: UFOs Northwest