Blue Flower

Location. Yabous, Fung area, Sudan
Date: late 1984
Time: evening

The main witness was in a scientific study tour with a group of colleagues, with the aim of examining the tribes, customs and the environment of the southern area in the Blue Nile. The mission consisted of about 90 persons, including students and supervisors. In a remote village located on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, six of the men including the witness, sat down for a chat, looking at the waters of a stream flowing under a bridge build over a small river called “Khor Yabous”. As the men sat and chatted, they were stunned to see a huge humanoid creature come out of the water. The creature moved towards the shore and disappeared into the wooded area. They estimated the figure to have been from 12 to 15 meters in height and human in shape. When the men consulted the local military garrison they were told that the creature was peaceful and did not harm their men since it was a vegetarian (!). They had been given orders to leave it alone. Text Box: The Sudanese case is reputedly a “Djinn” encounter.  
HC addendum
Type: E?