Blue Flower

Location. Chipadze near Bindura, Zimbabwe
Date: March 6 1996
Time: 01:00 a.m.

Student Lloyd T. Karambakuwa, 17, woke up early in the morning in order to go to work, when he soon became aware of a continuous “clicking” sound coming from outside, on the road. At first he thought it might be someone with a cordless phone that appeared to be coming towards the house. Lloyd thought of going outside to see what was causing the noise but he also felt afraid. He could not pinpoint the noise and it really scared him. He was on his own at home and it took a while for him to reach a decision as to what he should do, but in the end his curiosity got the better of him and he opened the front door. The door made a lot of noise when he opened it and by the time he got to the road, the sound had disappeared. Lloyd could see nothing. He decided to explore, when suddenly the sound commenced again when Lloyd was some distance from his house. Immediately across the road from Lloyd’s house is the local Women’s Training Center and the road curves around at the far end to pass in front of his. The sound appeared to be coming from somewhere in that area, although due to his view being obscured by the building of the Training Center, Lloyd was not able to see what caused the sound. The sound frightened him a lot, so he went back to his house but left his front door open. He closed it but did not lock it. He switched on the light because he was nervous, but he wanted to see where the sound came from. He lay on his bed but after 10-12 minutes it started again, about 20-30 meters away. Lloyd opened the front door slowly, walked forward cautiously and then hid in the hedge in front of the house.
By the time he managed to hide he could see this “thing” about two meters away from him. It was a completely white, short, fast moving mysterious figure. It was about 1 ½ meters tall. It had an egg shaped head of which he only managed to see the back part. It had a satchel on its back and attached to that was an aerial and a small red light. The sound never died down; it just kept on clicking. When it was a distance away, Lloyd ran back and hid under the bed. The sound went on for about three more times, until it was disturbed by a motor car revving. When Lloyd woke up the next morning at about a quarter to six, he followed the road to where he had seen the “thing” to see if something had been left behind. But the only evidence he could see were some rather strange footprints, which he observed closely and drew in the sand for the investigators.
HC addition # 3386                
Source: Cynthia Hind
Type: E

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