Blue Flower

Location. Chipadze, near Bindura, Zimbabwe
Date: March 6 1996
Time: 02:00 a.m.

A security guard at the local Women’s Training Center, Kambudzai Gweshe, was making her rounds when she reportedly heard a very “unpleasant” sound or noise resembling a “clicking” sound which she likened to a lift alarm after someone had pressed the alarm button. She heard the sound for 5-10 minutes; then it stopped and started again. Kambudzai went to investigate in the direction of the sound when she saw a small figure which was covered in white. The figure was moving in an easterly direction along the road, very slowly. It looked “unpleasant” she said, which frightened her. It moved along the road for some minutes and she could see an aerial on its back. Then it turned in a southerly direction and moved quickly. She could not see the face clearly, but she saw the body was now bathed in rainbow colors. At this stage Kambudzai became extremely frightened by the entity. She went back to the Training Center building and hid inside until she was sure it would be gone. The next morning she reported the experience to the company at their offices and refused to do any more night duties.
HC addendum
Source: Cynthia Hind UFO Afrinews
Type: E
Comments: The two above cases are obviously related ( Encounter in Chipadze near Bindura, Zimbabwe, on 6 March 1996 )