Blue Flower

Location. Near Harare Zimbabwe
Date: October 20 1996
Time: night

A man named Paul was driving on the Bulawayo Road near the Lilfordia School when he saw a bright light descending silently from the sky. As the object neared him he became aware that it was a disc shaped craft. As the object landed on a large open field to his left, Paul pulled over and stopped the car. As he watched, a door on the side of the object opened (moving upwards) and two men wearing shiny black coveralls climbed out of a dome at the top of the craft. At this point coming from the opposite direction came another vehicle, which also stopped, on the right hand side of the road. The entities must have then become aware of being watched and the men quickly went back inside the object. Then the door closed, moving downwards. At this point the occupant from the other vehicle ran across the road and yelled at the witness to leave the area quickly. Both men then drove off very fast.
HC addendum
Source: Cynthia Hind
Type: B