Blue Flower

Location. Near Hassi Bouniffe, Algeria
Date: July 20 2000
Time: 00:30 a.m.

The witness, on holiday with his family in the area, had been unable to sleep in the stuffy cabin and got up to get some water and satisfy a physiological need in the nearby woods. He moved away a bit from the campsite and soon noticed a light descending into the woods. The witness was afraid but also felt curious and walked towards the area where the light had landed. Suddenly he heard a loud “BANG” and panicking, he attempted to run but saw 2 beings standing across from him (no description on beings). One of the beings looked at him while the other seemed to talk with the first one. Terrified he started to run and stumbled twice, sure that he was hearing the strangers running after him. He stopped and yelled but the figures had disappeared. He ran to the camp and told nobody about what he had seen.
HC addendum
Source: GREPI Site, Switzerland