Blue Flower

Location. Vereeniging, South Africa
Date: 1966  
Time: night

M.B. was lying in bed when she suddenly became aware of a far-off whirring vibration. Suddenly a small metallic Saturn shaped object appeared and hovered quietly over her bed. It seemed to have numerous oval shaped portholes around it's rim. As she lay there staring at the object, she suddenly found herself inside of it. She was seated on a stool next to a porthole looking outside at what appeared to be ploughed fields and fences. Suddenly the craft swept up and nothing more was visible except for the interior of the object. She noticed sitting on a seat facing her, a very handsome man. He appeared to have perfect looks, build and immaculate in dress. He wore green “spectacles” with square frames and a hat. He stared intently at the witness. Besides him, there were three other men and a woman. The woman wore a silk scarf tied around her head, a pleated woolen skirt in brown tones, a finely knitted woolen twin-set and a pair of brown brogues. She saw in the pit of the craft machinery and several crew members operating machinery. One of them operated a central steering column, which stood upright in the middle. Suddenly she found herself inside a large room, empty but for a white painted dining room table, oval shaped and six tall backed chairs around it. From the wall protruded an elbow-arm with a large green disc light over the center of the table. She was alone in the room and noticed several white painted closed doors. She went to one of the doors and opened it. There was a long passage; she went in and then found herself back in the central control room of the craft. When she became aware that they were returning to earth she panicked and pleaded with the crew not to take her back. But without any knowledge how she got there, she suddenly found herself lying in her bed again.
HC addendum
Source: UFO Afrinews, July 1988