Blue Flower

Location. Al Aaroui, Nador, Morocco
Date: June 2004
Time: 22:30-23:00

The witness, 19-year old Soufian (involved in other encounters) had gone with his family on holiday to their summer house in Morocco. The house is large enough for Soufian to have his own bedroom while his two sisters shared a second bedroom and in the third were his parents and a younger brother. The incident happened in the second week of their stay. It was particularly hot weather, too hot to lie on the bed close to the wall. Soufian had laid his mattress down on the floor and was sleeping on it close to the open doorway of the room. The windows were also left open to cool down the room as much as possible. Soufian and his family went to sleep around 22:30-23:00.
At some point in the night Soufian began to experience what he put down at the time to a nightmare. He was lying down on the mattress with his eyes open. He was not sure what time of night it was. The room was quite dark but was partially lit by moonlight coming in through the open shutters. He looked through the doorway of his room over to the door of his parent’s bedroom. There standing in the doorway was a strange being, which was looking right at him. The being was around 1.5 meters in height, it was humanoid in shape and it appeared to be unclothed. Its body appeared to be covered in a light brown colored silky fur. This fur extended right down over its hands. No fingers were visible. The creature had large rounded black colored eyes which Soufian described as “lifeless and without a soul”. It had very small nostrils and its nose was not very pronounced. Its mouth was open, exposing pointed pale-white colored teeth. No ears were visible from the front. Strangely although he had a clear view of the creature, Soufian does not remember seeing any feet.
After a moment the being began to move towards Soufian. It appeared to be floating a short distance above the floor. Its arms and legs hung down and did not sway back and forth. Soufian began to panic as the being got closer to him. Then one at a time, the windows in the room began to slam shut extremely violently. At this moment Soufian jumped up off the mattress and ran through into the bathroom, locking the door behind his. As he did so he felt that the being was chasing after him. Although it had felt like a bad dream, he was now definitely awake and very frightened. Soufian remained in the bathroom for up to 15 minutes. He was shocked by what had happened and very upset. He did not call out to the others in the house as he did not think they would believe him so there was no point. After this time he cautiously made his way back to the bedroom. The being was nowhere to be seen, but Soufian could see that the shutters were almost closed, whereas when he had gone to sleep they were definitely open. He lay down on the mattress again but was still frightened and could not sleep for a long while. In the end he finally dropped off.
In the morning without saying anything to her, Soufian’s mother stated that she had heard him shouting out during the night. She assumed that this was a bad dream which is why she did not get up and go through to his room. Soufian did not tell her about what had happened. After a while he too put it down to a dream, despite the way in which the shutters were now nearly closed.
HC addendum
Source: Dave Hodrien, Birmingham UFO Group