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Edwin’s Contacts

By CRiSTo LouW - 2005

From the shores of a major coastal city in South Africa comes a story of contact with extraterrestrials that spans decades and is still ongoing. Durban is the name of this city and the Confederation of Twelve Planets in an anti-matter Universe is where these cosmic family members originate from.

Craft have been seen on numerous occasions, not only by those first-hand experiencers, but also from various independent locations and by unrelated witnesses. Some of these sightings have made it into the popular press and a book referencing in detail some of the more significant events has been published. Carl van Vlierden authored “The Twelve Planets Speak” and together with the primary experiencers gave their permission for this story to be retold by this author. As MUFON’s coordinator for Africa, Cynthia Hind (the most respected and well-known UFO researcher/investigator in Africa), had the following to say about this case: “..if you read the book, you will realize how profound and technologically advanced many of the theories are; and I find it difficult to accept that it all originates in Edwin’s mind. I cannot believe this is all an elaborate hoax: for whom, and for what purpose?”

Mr Van Vlierden says of Edwin: “He is tall and slim, and I was impressed by his simple, unassuming manner and quiet confidence. He had started out as an artisan but now manages a furniture factory in Durban. Over the years, I have found him to be a stable person who has no desire to attract attention to himself - quite the contrary, he shuns any personal publicity and, at his request, his true identity has been withheld.”


The story started in 1960 when a new radio foreman applied for the available position at the company where Edwin worked. “I still remember clearly how one of the directors of the Durban firm I was working for at the time showed him around the factory. He was tall, well-built, dressed in a sports jacket, long trousers and an open-neck shirt. I would say he was just under two metres tall, and had a round, open face with dark hair. He would have been about 30 years old,” Edwin recalls. This is how Edwin first met George, who as we shall see later, was no ordinary person.

Getting to know each other better, George and Edwin became good friends. “We had our tea and lunch breaks together and we hit it off well right from the start. I never noticed anything unusual about him. His English was perfect and he never gave me any cause to think he was anything but an ordinary chap. I thought that he came from Johannesburg - at least, he seemed to know that city very well… Technically, he was very competent and soon I took all my problems to him for solutions,” remembers Edwin.

They had countless thought-provoking conversations and on one of their night-time fishing excursions, Edwin saw a satellite sailing across the clear sky and remarked: “I wonder if that is a Sputnik or one of those flying saucers everyone is talking about these days?” at which George replied: “What do you think of the possibility of the existence of life in outer space, or on other planets?” “I have an open mind on the subject and that as far as I was concerned, it would be very strange if we were the only intelligent life in the universe.” That specific conversation didn’t evolve much further, but George would bring up the subject a number of times again and it was at one of these moments that George ‘popped’ the question: “Supposing, Edwin, I gave you absolute visible proof of life in outer space, by showing you a spacecraft - would you believe it then?”

Edwin, still having no idea that George was an actual space-being, acknowledged that seeing a real spaceship would definitely make him believe the reality. Arrangements were made for the two to go on another fishing trip that coming Saturday and the rest is history. In summary, what happened that fateful night was cemented on Edwin’s conscious mind and even though his father told him of the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe, nothing could really prepare him for what he saw. At about 2 am there were no other fishermen around and the beach was deserted. To Edwin’s surprise, George pulled out a radio set from his case. After extending the telescopic antenna and adjusting a control knob, voices in a strange language were audible through the loudspeaker. About 10-15 minutes past before Edwin saw a bright light approach from over the sea. The light kept growing in size, suddenly stopped and changed course, and came to a hovering position some distance right above the two.

The strange language was again heard, but much clearer, and then a voice spoke in English. George’s real name and mission on this planet was revealed to Edwin who at that moment was asked to consider becoming an Earth-contact for the Confederation of Twelve Planets, as well as start a group to disseminate information about life elsewhere to interested individuals. Edwin, being only 18 years old at the time, was shocked. He was told that, upon accepting the task, he would receive training and would meet others who would assist him.

George/Valdar’s mission was temporary and when the time came for him to return, he left the radio receiver with Edwin for communication to continue, albeit one-way. Edwin learnt much about their technology, ‘government’ and way of life. In a letter to this author, Edwin says: “It led me to believe that they were indeed a peace loving planet. They too had a violent history but had been a lot more willing to give it up for peace. My choice to help the Confederation has given myself, and later my family a great insight into understanding people. We have agreed to help spread the word to those who want to know more. We do it because we long for the day when people of Earth and our governments, who have in the past been approached by the Confederation, decide to accept the fact that we are not alone. That the Confederation has no hostile intentions, their only objective is to help gain peace. Valdar’s favourite saying here was: ‘Beyond yonder mountain, the sun sets in a blaze of glory, be glad that this day is done, for on the morrow a new day is born, with better prospects for us all.’ This I’ve found sums up the Confederation’s eternal well of positivity.”

The Radio Transmission Process

As can be seen in the diagram below, standard equipment is used for these special communications. It is only in the configuration of the separate elements that we find a unique way of receiving radio signals.

The initial communications received were very weak, sometimes barely audible through the background noise, but have steadily improved to an excellent quality. The most significant difference between this radio receiver and the standard ones being used in broadcasts, is that the antenna is not connected to the front end (RF stage), but directly to the power supply. This configuration also is the cause why these messages are not heard on other receivers on Earth. “As this receiver and tape-recorder are transistorised, only 12 volts are needed to make it work. That’s how they can start both the receiver and tape-recorder in my absence and leave a message for me. I always leave a blank tape in the recorder with the record button on, but the power switch off. The tuning knob can be turned during transmission without affecting the reception. To make a transmission, the spacecraft takes up a position directly above our house. It is then approximately 520 km (325 miles) above the ground and invisible to the naked eye. On some occasions, they come lower specially to show themselves to us, but for radio transmissions they remain at about that height, depending on conditions. To communicate, they send down a narrow beam, like a beam of light, but of course it is invisible. I think that’s how they energise the receiver, by beaming the power the transistors need, and this beam carries the message. The receiver does not need to be tuned to a particular frequency. I have added a switch to cut off the front-end (RF stage) of the set.”

Switching to 2-way telepathic communication

It happened that evening of 16 October 1974 when an expected transmission was received from Valdar, telling Edwin that a coded message was prepared. This special message was designed by scientists of the Confederation of Twelve Planets to tune the human mind to a specific ‘safe’ frequency where interception by unwanted parties can positively be ruled out. In addition, this new method of communication is 2-way. In the beginning stages of this experiment, only verbal messages were received, but as the process progressed and Edwin became more proficient, he started to transmit and receive via the other senses as well. Upon hearing these coded galactic sounds, Edwin went into a trance-like state and when the transmissions ended, he could clearly recall the details of what he experienced. The radio method was still used for some time while Edwin became accustomed to this completely new and foreign way of communicating, but its use was steadily weaned as the thought-communications became clearer and more easily managed by all involved.

What is the Confederation of Twelve Planets?

The Twelve Planets are really a group of twelve solar systems. The system of which Koldas is a member, has eight planets. Grandor is the capital planet of the Confederation and other planets include: Triaxula, Vango Salamia (also known as Venus), Carnel, Siton, Byronne, Purvey, Leecoy, Goran, Sparlane, Velaan, Novan and Pyrole, amongst others. Koldas which is larger than Earth, is the principal planet it its system and has the largest population. The bulk of this system’s industrial activities take place on the two neighbours of Koldas, where the spacecraft are also built. Specific planets are also used for agriculture and mining and they serve the whole of the Confederation. Cities and planets here are linked by radio, TV and a transportation network. A large fleet of passenger and freight craft navigate between the planets via the natural magnetic pathways. Wy-Ora who, like Valdar, hailed from Koldas, said: “We owe our present level of civilisation and technology to the Grandorians who taught our primitive ancestors a better way of life. They took some of our people to Grandor where they were instructed by wise and wonderful teachers.” Grandor is the “mother” planet. They travelled through endless corridors of space in their craft to search for new planets, and this is how the Grandorians discovered Koldas. There they found a primitive race of people whose knowledge did not exist beyond their own horizons. Grandorian missionaries landed on Koldas, after obtaining permission from the local rulers. They brought their highly evolved civilisation with them and eventually Grandorians and Koldasians intermarried and a new age dawned for the Koldasian solar system.

As far as religious ideology in the Confederation goes, they believe that there is One Supreme Being, usually referred to as the “Divine One”. This being is infinite, all-powerful and creates all things, seen and unseen, including a Son. Edwin also revealed: “When man was created, the Divine One placed within the body a spirit or soul which never dies, but continues into eternity. The task of man’s soul is to rule the material body by overcoming material desires. When this is accomplished, the soul will be called back to the great Source and forever lives in perfect joy and happiness.” They also believe that all mankind is created by the same Divine Creator, therefore all are brothers and sisters. But this is a mere outline of their religion – there is much more. For example, their belief in reincarnation. Valdar said that their religion is practised here on Earth, but due to various reasons, as time went by, it was misused and misunderstood, leaving us today with many forms of religion on this planet. In some religions we see the similarities, but also the vast difference, compared with worship on the Twelve Planets.

There is no divorce or separation of married couples there. They have a system of matching couples’ compatibility, so that separation hardly ever occurs. Fruit juice blends are a main part of their diet and is enjoyed hot or cold. Fish and ‘mazelles’, a type of bread, is also consumed onboard the spaceships when on assignment.

Regarding space travel by using the magnetic fields

Kashendo of the halfway station Melchor, said: “All these craft are propelled by magnetic flux. These magnetic fields have currents, with different layers of varying velocities. The magnetic motors which are fitted on all our spacecraft, serve as rudders directing the craft into the various velocity layers. The highest velocity is reached on the outer surface of a magnetic stream. Here the speed of light can be exceeded. These magnetic streams criss-cross deep space, connect planets, solar systems, galaxies and even universes in a vast web of highways and by-ways, making space travel possible. These magnetic highways must be cleared of floating space flotsam and jetsam and meteoric debris, and for this reason alone the Twelve Planets have been patrolling the magnetic fields (streams), sweeping and clearing, making space travel safe at speeds beyond the speed of light. When large meteors are found, they are completely disintegrated with a device called the ‘Sun-Ray’”.

What do they want from us?

Earth with its primitive life was discovered by the forefathers of the Confederation when it consisted of only seven planets in the alliance. They were already aware of what they term the “Outer Worlds” who was a constant threat of ruthless enslavers and this is why the alliance was formed. Because the numbers involved with the Outer Worlds greatly outnumbered the Confederation, they constantly sought more support. Tens of thousands of Earth years ago, many Starships arrived here with their religion, culture and way of life to give us an opportunity to choose for ourselves with which alliance to side, should that need ever arise. Like we still find today in the motivations of many, the new-found knowledge was used for fighting to subjugate perceived enemies. It is reported that the Confederation withdrew from Earth after a direct conflict instigated by us. They returned after a generation or two and have since remained in the background, right up to 15 September 1975 when there was another confrontation. The Outer Worlds have also been working their own agenda for Earth in the background and this is why the Confederation still feels a need to share their knowledge with us today. Valdar said: “All we ask is that people on your planet change their ways, particularly their vicious aggression. Wars must cease, there must be unity amongst the nations. Of course, we realised long ago that you have many problems, problems which we do not have in the Twelve Planets. You have a mixture of many people. On Koldas, for instance, there is only one kind. These problems could be overcome harmoniously. If your leaders trusted us, all your problems could have been solved peacefully to the benefit of all concerned. But your authorities decided to do it their way. They have rejected our offer of assistance.”

As the threat of a global war looms over Earth, it is a major problem as seen from the Twelve Planets’ viewpoint, but even more troublesome to them is the pollution here. Like scientists here, the Confederation is uppermost concerned about vital environmental issues which, if left unchecked, have the potential to irreversibly alter the course of our evolution. We are specifically warned of the catastrophic consequences our polluted upper atmosphere could have on the eco-systems and even if our leaders do not accept their assistance, as citizens we should all take a serious look at the state of health of the planet we call home.

Messages to people of Earth

Valdar stated: “Your Earth is a beautiful planet; it has all the ingredients one could wish for. The vast oceans, the mountain ranges, the continents. There is nothing wrong with your planet. It is those who govern the planet, and seek to lead it. We come in peace. We have tried, many times, to convince your many rulers and superiors that our methods might be better. But they have replied that they can not bring about any changes on planet Earth. It would upset the ‘balance’ of things on the planet. But we are persistent! We will continue to try to uplift and enlighten people, even if it is only a few. We are not here to conquer. Our Astrael craft is a symbol of peace. It brings us from our distant universe, through time, to this wonderful planet. We come to share our knowledge and experience. But, my friends, let’s be honest with each other. If we were to give you the secret of power of propulsion which the Twelve Planets has – the secret of the Astrael craft – what would you do with it? Some countries would use this power for aggression and, in all probability, they would destroy your Earth. Therefore, a long time ago, the Superiors of the Twelve Planets made a solemn vow which still holds today and is recorded in our historical records, that only when the Twelve Planets are absolutely convinced that Earth has adopted a better way of life will the secret be given to you.”

On another occasion, Valdar added: “There are many miracles in the universe we would then reveal to you, and which we would bring to your doorstep in an instant. We would be only too willing and overjoyed to share them with you. But this can only come when peace enters the hearts of all mankind. In the meantime, we will stay in the background, shadows of your past history, with a promise for the future – if you will accept us. It’s up to you! In the distant past, we have been a part of your planet’s history, and we still try and guide Earth along the path to peace. We are still an unseen force in your skies.”

Much else can be said about and shared of the voluminous information available from the Confederation of Twelve Planets, and as the childlike civilisation of Earth matures, we hope to learn much more. Iaga siaka kiando which means: “God be with you”.


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