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Book Review by AJ: Farah Yurdozu, Love In An Alien Purgatory: The Life And Fantastic Art of David Huggins


In Farah Yurdozu's latest book, Love In An Alien Purgatory, we learn that David Huggins, an unassuming and gentle man, had his first consciously recalled abduction experience when he was eight years old. That experience, and many of his later encounters, occurred during the day when he was outside playing. Like most abductees, the Beings conditioned David throughout his childhood, blocking many of his memories from conscious recollection using telepathic suggestions that he was not to remember his interaction with them. David, however, not only eventually recalled his experiences consciously; he remembered many of them in great detail. Another fortuitous event is that David would grow up to become an artist, and it is the artist-abductee who brings the nitty-gritty of abduction to life in the pages of this fascinating, and at times, disturbing book.


The Beings David Huggins has had regular interaction with over his 60-plus year lifetime includes the short Greys with white skin, which most people are familiar with. Huggins almost always depicts these Beings wearing tight fitting, blue body suits. Although not as often reported, David has also had contact with a short hairy creature, similar to the creature sometimes described as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Huggins first saw this creature while playing outdoors as a child and then again in later encounters during his adult years.

The controlling figure during David's encounters is a Being that is often described as appearing similar to a Mantis. David often depicts the Mantis figure without clothing, and as is common from other reports by abductees, this Being does not appear to have exterior genitalia. Similar also to other abduction accounts, this Being is sometimes depicted wearing a cape or cloak while others in his proximity are apparently naked.

Enter The Hybrids

Hybrid Beings, a cross between humans and ostensibly a species of Grey, play a major role in the abductee's life. David's case is no different in this respect. What is different about this book however, is the manner in which this interaction is relayed to the reader. It is explicit and it is very powerful. It was with a hybrid that Huggins had his first sexual encounter; a Grey-hybrid female named Crescent who would play a prominent role in almost all of his abductions. Many times, Crescent and other hybrids appear naked and when Crescent does wear clothing, she almost always dons a vivid blue, long, robe-like garment. As is often the case in the lives of abductees, there are one or two hybrids who seem to be "assigned" to abductees beginning in their early childhood and continuing throughout most of their adult life. Generally speaking, for women, there is a male hybrid that carries out this role and for men it is a female hybrid.

The hybrid females in Huggins' world are depicted as having mask-like faces with very white skin and dark, intense eyes. Crescent's eyes have brilliant blue irises with black pupils. Huggins' female hybrids all have longish, very dark hair, which is commonly reported in abduction cases. Some researchers believe the hybrids' hair is nothing more than a disguise; wigs worn in order to make them appear less "alien" to us. In a sharp contrast, however, the bodies of Huggins' hybrid females appear almost identical to that of human females with normal appearing breasts and many times with pubic hair to match the hair coloring on their heads. There is an uncanny, stark contrast between their totally appearing alien faces and their human appearing bodies, and Huggins illustrates this dichotomy exceptionally well in his paintings. This is no doubt going to present a problem to some readers. Is Huggins remembering something that he really saw or is he remembering what they "wanted" him to see?

These advanced human physical traits probably represent a form of telepathic camouflage or a mental screen that was employed by the aliens for the purpose of making Huggins feel more comfortable about the nature of the sexual contact he endured. I do not believe that Huggins "imagined" the hybrid females' bodies to appear human-like: this was imagery imposed upon David by the aliens. If there are hybrid females with this level of development as far as their female physical attributes are concerned, I have not come across this information in my personal research. On the contrary, when these types of physical attributes are reported by male abductees, they always turn out to be a form of deception used on the abductee to further the aliens' agenda.


Abduction research has shown that one of the main reasons humans of Earth are being abducted is for reproductive purposes. They are strengthening their own species as well as creating alien-human hybrids, using various human tissues and DNA. For female abductees, the procedure is very sterile and cold and involves the removal of specific tissue, ova and even fetuses. For men, it often involves sexual intercourse with a female hybrid, or with a predetermined female abductee. Many times the aliens will use a device which forces the male abductees to release sperm. Most often, these experiences are described as degrading, intrusive, and akin to rape.

I mentioned earlier that some of the images in this book are explicit. It was a bold decision of the author not to censor this information and I commend his decision. The images in this book demonstrate what a prominent occurrence of abduction is really like. As we might view the sexual activities of other animals in nature or in a zoo setting, so it is with what abductees endure. The aliens do not seem to care about our need for privacy or intimacy or an individual's base of morality.

Everything changes for an abductee when they enter puberty. The child abductee, abruptly and without consent, is taken by these Beings and their life is never normal. David lost his virginity at the age of 17 to Crescent and while it may or may not have seemed a violation at the time, those who have studied this phenomenon and understand the power of the alien mind and their technology, know that it can be nothing other.

By the time David was 19, the frequency of the sexual encounters increased, sometimes occurring as often as two to three times a week. They were almost always with the same female hybrid Grey called Crescent. Interestingly, after a time, Huggins became a teacher of sorts, instructing Crescent in the art of making love, as opposed to merely having sex. We do not know if this was allowed for David's sake or if this was for the benefit of the aliens' program that undoubtedly involved other male abductees with whom Crescent had sexual relations.

Another important feature I noticed about Huggins' paintings is that Crescent never seemed to age. She appeared as an adult female hybrid when David was a small boy of 8 and she appeared the same way when he was a man approaching 60.

Voyeuristic Behavior

Almost always lurking in the background and observing during the sexual encounters between Huggins and Crescent is a Mantis Being. I find this type of behavior quite telling. These Beings understand what sex is in a physical sense. And, since we now know that at that time, they were abducting many, many other people, and because they are telepathic, the behavior of these Beings may demonstrate their need and desire to telepathically absorb the emotions and feelings being experienced. They are not learning. This behavior is voyeurism in the most blatant and intrusive form.

From looking at other abduction cases as well as David's, it appears that a Mantis type Being [or a tall Grey] when present, is normally the one in control. An example from David's case is when the hybrid females wanted Huggins to stay with them and not be returned to Earth. They asked the Mantis Being for permission for him to stay, but the Mantis Being said this was prohibited and did not allow it.

Alien Kissing

One of the many things I thought was quite interesting about Huggins' case is when Crescent taught him that the rubbing of her forehead against his forehead is how they kiss in their world. This is not something that has been made public in abduction literature, at least in the United States, until now. I believe Huggins is truthfully relaying what he experienced because I have cases where other abductees experienced this during their own encounters, but with children: It is the way affection and love is shown toward hybrid children and there is a telepathic component involved.

The Nursery and Healing Touch

As has occurred with many abductees, Huggins was shown a nursery and was told that he had helped to create over 60 hybrid babies. Importantly, he was made to understand that he was helping in the continuation of their species. David was also presented with one of his own babies, which appeared to him to be dying. In this instance, he had to beg the Mantis Being for permission to hold his child because he knew that if he could touch and hold his child this would somehow save its life.


In a disturbing twist, when Huggins was 60 years old, he was abducted again and taken to see something very special. His clone: an exact duplicate of himself, which appeared to be lying lifeless on a cold, slab-like bed. There was one important exception however; this David Huggins was a younger version of the present David Huggins.

Why would they show David a clone of himself? Is he particularly special to these Beings? Will his clone simply be used, as many abductees are, as a newer and younger implement in order to produce what they want from us: more offspring in order to perpetuate their species? Because abductees have reported being shown their clones before, we should rightfully ask: If they can clone humans, why do they force so many of us into a lifetime of "abduction servitude"?

We may be forced to face the fact that we are little more than breeding stock to these Beings for the continuation of their species. Some of the hybrids may be in a similar situation as abductees, in that they, too, are caught between two worlds. Is Crescent anything more than a receptacle for Huggins' life-giving seed? Is she also a pawn in the Greys' plan for the continuation of their species?

A Purpose

Many abductees reach a period in their life when they feel a purpose or a sense of mission connected with what they have endured. It takes a special human spirit to be able to help others going through this. Huggins had his memories suppressed by the aliens periodically throughout his life. One day when he was in a bookstore and reading a chapter in one of Budd Hopkins' books, his memories suddenly began to pour out spontaneously and profusely. This is when David suddenly felt a sense of mission and that he was supposed to express his experiences through his artwork, the end result, thus far in David's life, are the vivid illustrations in Love In An Alien Purgatory.

Many other alien related occurrences have happened to David and they, too, are illustrated in this book. The rest of David Huggins' story is for the reader to discover because his paintings tell a much more powerful and poignant story of abduction by alien Beings than any words can possibly convey.

Love In An Alien Purgatory is a beautifully illustrated story of the life of an alien abductee, presented by Farah Yurdozu, a leading authority of alien abduction and the paranormal. It is a book every serious student of alien abduction research should have in their library. It contains 61 illustrations, 57 of which are in color, and an Index to the Illustrations.

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